Borrego Springs, CA

Monday, May 24, 2010

Record heat wave

The miserably high and humid temperatures continued today as I took the rig into Universal to address my long list of grievances.  :(  I decided not to wait with Emma at the dealer's.  It was just too uncomfortable.  I headed back in the car with Emma to Andy's.  Of course, the family had left and locked the house.  So, Emma and I tried to chill out in the back yard by moving around to find pockets of shade.

Around 1:00, I received a call asking me to return to Universal.  Wouldn't you know, everything (levelers, AC, and generator) were working fine at the dealers.  :(  Eventually, it was determined that the switch for the AC was bad, but they didn't have the correct switch to replace it, so that is on order.  The leveler business is a little harder to understand, but suffice it to say, I will use the manual setting rather than the automatic setting unless I am in a very level paved RV park.  I'm very familiar with that, so it is no great hardship.  The gremlins for a couple of things may have been the young grandsons that feel they must push every button that they see. 

I sure hope that switch comes in soon, as I'm now basking in 92* temperatures in the rig.  It will be a challenge to sleep tonight!  The normal high temperature here for this time of year is 70*.  I sure wish things were normal, weather wise. 

I've had very little time to check on other's blogs or comment on them, so I hope you'll understand.

Tomorrow, I'm off with Andy and the boys to the Minnesota Children's Museum in St. Paul.  I need a day to not think about the rig.  On Wednesday, DISH is coming out to remedy the problems with setting up reception in a new rig.  After many attempts by Andy, me, and the tech at Universal, I still don't have reception.  The person I talked to at the DISH customer support location initially told me it would cost about $100 to get them to service me.  I told her that was bogus since I'd been a loyal customer for four years.  After further checking on her part, it was determined that it wouldn't cost me anything to have a service rep come out and straighten everything out. These folks just don't get that I live in a motorhome and move around the country.  Their perception is that I'm in a mobile home in some permanent park somewhere. 

Several other issues were taken care of with the rig, including the braking system for the toad.  All in all, this would be a lot less challenging if it weren't for the mid 90's temperatures.  Wish there was a lake to go skinny dipping in tonight!  :-0

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later,  Judy 


  1. Well, if I was skinny I would go & do a little dipping but I put too much weight on this past winter to even think about it!!
    Good to hear you are getting some of the issues resolved on the newer rig.

  2. Glad to see you are getting positive progress, too bad Andy can't rig up a temporary on/off switch for the A/C till the other one comes in, I know I would do that if it were near me. I only have a 15 amp line running to the pad where I park as I just use it for keeping the fridge going and the converter for lights and battery charging.So my trailer isn't air conditioned when it sits home. I looked at the inside and out side temps while I was putting the screen door cover on yesterday and it was 91 in the trailer and 93 outside, that was with the fantastic roof fan on high and two other fans blowing from the bedroom and living room,Once I get the trailer to the lake I can leave the A/C on low as we have 30 amp power there. How is Emma adjusting to her new home, post some pictures of her lounging about. This week will be Rigg's first camping trip, he is a good rider in Sam's truck and has plenty of room on the back seat, but it has to be covered with and old blanket to cut down on hair and slobber,he usually is excited at first during a ride and will look out the side and back windows, but then he will get tired of that and just lay down until you stop.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. It's hard to believe you are sweltering in Minnesota, while Sacramento is lucky to get above the 60's and 70's. This time last year it was over a 100!

    I am sure you will be happy to get back on the road.

  4. Skinny dipping sounds great! We used to go when we had our own pool in the backyard in Texas. Also in our own Hot tub in our last house here in California, but I've never had the opportunity to do it in the "WILD."

    As I get older I'm tempted to join the local nudist club just so I could swim. But probably not!

    Re: Your weather. We are having a record cold spell and it is raining right now. Something unheard of at this time of the year!

  5. Skinny dipping sounds fun. You think the dogs would join in?

  6. Sending buckets of ice and a nice cool fan over the virtual pipeline to you! Went through 100+ temps in the Iron Range of MN when I lived there with no A/C. My dog then and I both had wet kerchiefs around our necks to help keep us cool! Hang in and think cool thoughts!