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Saturday, May 8, 2010

More family arrives in the cold north

Oh my goodness, it was 34* when I woke up this morning.  Brrr!  This is not what I signed up for!

About 8:30,  Andy, the two grandsons, and I headed for the Rochester airport to pick up my daughter, Robyn, and granddaughter, Phoebe.  They had flown in for an extended weekend stay from Chicago.  The plane was on time, so they just hopped in the car and we headed back into town.  We made a stop at Target for a mother's day gift for Kelly, and then stopped at Universal Marine and RV.  I wanted to check to see if the new awning covers I had ordered had come in.  They had, so I'll be able to get them replaced while I am visiting this trip.  While we were there, I asked about a rig that I've been interested in.  I've been dreaming of possibly trading in my Sightseer for a newer model.  I talked to the sales manager, and he will be getting back to me.  I'll provide further details if things progress in that direction.  :)

It was cold and windy all day, so we spent most of the afternoon indoors just visiting.  Emma is really enjoying the fenced backyard, and is putting in several miles of running around the large area.

Andy and I did brave the elements and worked on getting the toad drivable.  He had to remove a plastic panel under the front bumper that was rubbing the new tire every time the wheels turned.  He also helped me get the extended stay propane tank set up.  It's nice to have a young man that can easily tote around the 40 pound tank.  ;)  With this cold weather that is now forecasted for the coming week, I'm going to need it!

Andy and his family had a pre-scheduled BBQ to attend this evening, so Robyn suggested she take me out for a Mother's Day Dinner.  Who am I to refuse?  We drove into Rochester to the HuHot Mongolian Grill, and had a tasty meal.  If I were to go there again, I'd put on slightly more spicy sauce.  I usually don't like spicy meals, but the combination of sauces that I chose turned out to have next to no flavor at all.  I'll know better next time.  :)  Afterwards, she and Phoebe drove my car back to their motel, so I'm able to post a little earlier this evening.

I have a few photos to catch you up on.  Remember when I stopped for the night in Peculiar, MO?

This was my pull-through site there.  It has a brick patio with a nice round cement table and benches.  Notice the tree on the left of the site.

There was bird activity in that tree, and upon further investigation I found an active mocking bird nest.  Mom would hop out every time I came out of the rig.

I decided to bring over my portable step and try to get a picture of the inside of the nest.  If you click on the picture to enlarge, you will see that there are three blue eggs speckled with gray.  This must be my spring for finding nests.  :-)

I wish all you mothers out there a Happy Mother's Day for tomorrow.  I know I'll be thinking of my Mom and missing her tomorrow...

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later,  Judy

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