Borrego Springs, CA

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Making another list

I’m making another list.  This one has to do with the issues I’m having with my new, to me, motorhome.  I’ll be driving in to the dealer on Monday morning to resolve them all.  I called Universal this morning to give them a heads up on the non-operation of the leveling jacks.  This afternoon, the temps rose into the high 80’s, so I decided to turn on the AC.  Of course, nothing happened.  :(  This is a 50 amp rig, operating on 30 amps, but according to the specs on the website, the AC is still supposed to work.  Okay, so I tried running the generator to run the AC as the temps rose this afternoon.  That AC worked in the dealer’s lot on the generator on Tuesday, but not today.  It wouldn’t start at all.  :(  Dang!

The whole day was spent moving things from one rig to the other.  We just about got everything moved from the inside of the old rig, but ran out of time to start on the outside compartments.  I was shocked by the amount of stuff I had in that rig.  I’m struggling to find places to put everything.  :( 
IMG_8455Thank goodness Andy did most of the transferring.  What a job this was.  I did a lot of throwing out of things I haven’t used much.   I guess that’s a good thing, but I’ve still got a long way to go to get everything put away.  It will probably take me weeks to figure out where I’ve put everything, and I’m sure everything will be moved around as I live with it.   :)

Tomorrow doesn’t look any less hectic.  I have to move everything from the outside storage areas and clean the old RV.  Then I have to drive it to the dealer’s  when I’m done. 

A couple of other interesting things happened last night that I forgot to mention yesterday.  After I finished my blog entry and finally made my bed last night, I decided I really needed a shower.  Luckily, I chose to brush my teeth first and noticed that there wasn’t any hot water.  On my old rig, as soon as I plugged into power, my electric water heater would kick in.  Not so with the new rig.  You have to flip a switch to have the water heated.  So, I ended up taking a very chilly marine shower before retiring.  :(  I’ve got that figured out for tonight, though.

The second thing I forgot to mention was that during my official walk through, I found that this rig came equipped with something that I’m sure no other rig on the planet comes with.  While looking into one of the outside storage compartments, I found two sets of crutches!  Uff-dah!   (Minnesota phrase, meaning Oh Shi*! or Oh my goodness)  I hope that’s not a premonition of things to come!

Thanks for stopping by….talk to you later,  Judy


  1. You'll be finding out new things for quite a while it seems. I hope you let us know the story of the crutches!

  2. Looks like your on your way to getting all moved in, hopefully some of the glitches will smooth out as you get used to what your new home has that the old one didn't, like the switdh for hot water. We know you are going to end up with a really great MH. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. In our rig if the fuel guage is down to a quarter tank the generator will not start. It's a safety feature to prevent the generator from running your rig out of fuel. Has happened to us a couple times so we just added a gas can of fuel to the rig's tank & that got the generator started Ok. We have a water heater switch as well which I think is a good thing. Maybe the crutches had to be used by the previous owner after he tried to lift up the coach to put leveling blocks under the tires when the jacks didn't work. Our hydraulic jacks never worked all last winter. We suspect a solonoid switch & plan to have someone look at the problem later this summer.

  4. Congratulations on the new rig.
    The moving part is the pits. Spent 3 months moving into the old rig. 10 hours moving from the old to the new, in the dealers parking lot. Still looking for things after a year.
    When things don't work or work wrong, it's a good way to learn how fix them.
    You'll love it once all the bugs are out.

  5. It's a good thing you are with family during this troublesome time. It would be harder if you were alone.

    This is a slightly used rig, right? When I have asked dealers about warrantees on used rigs some say yes, some say no. What were your terms? Did you get any outside inspection done? I've been reading that is something that should be done. I'm here to learn.

  6. Wow.. let's just hope they whittle away at your list and they are all easy fixes! Keeping fingers crossed that all will be fine and it's all something minor. I know some folks have a tripped GFCI switch on an outlet, sometimes hidden in a storage compartment underneath that will keep a whole side of a rig from operating properly.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard