Borrego Springs, CA

Thursday, May 13, 2010

It was almost "Travels WITHOUT Emma"

Half way through the morning, I went inside the house to play with the boys since it was once again kind of rainy outside and cold.  I put Emma in the gated yard.  A short time later, Kelly said she was going to run out to the mailbox to put some letters out.  We didn't think anything about it.  The morning wore on, and eventually I decided to go back to the rig for lunch.  As I stepped into the yard, I noticed that the gate was wide open and Emma was no where to be seen.  Oh no!  Because of the miserable weather all week, we had only taken walks on the block by the house.  We have never lived in a town since I've had her.  As we decided to jump in our vehicles to drive around looking for her, we noticed her heading towards us from the back side of the retirement home across the railroad tracks from us.  We called her name and she came barreling towards us.  I couldn't believe it!  I thought she was long gone and lost.  She was wet from head to toe and had obviously been on quite a run.

After I brought her into the rig and dried her off, she collapsed on the dashboard!  I guess she had herself quite an adventure.

After lunch, I began preparations for the chicken casserole I was making for every one's dinner.  I must say that it is very delicious.  I also had strawberry shortcake for dessert.  Soon, I heard a tapping on my door, and Joseph was asking to come in to play our games. 

The rain finally seemed to be over, so both boys and I went into the yard to play so Kelly could give Ruby a bath.

This is big brother, Joseph....

and younger brother, Seth.  They were full of energy after being cooped up for five days in the house.  They played on the swing sets and climbed a tree.  As they played outside, I went and got Emma (and kept her on her lead).

I headed for the back fence so Emma could meet up with one of the horses.

Soon, the horse bent his head down so they could both get a good sniff of each other!    Emma was fairly quaking with excitement, but she behaved.  Then the kids spotted us and came running.  We all had a fun time feeding the horse.

You know, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence!

Crackerdan (my oldest son) left a comment about the picture that is presently the header of my blog.  I think he chose Crackerdan as his handle since he always has a wise crack to make.  :)  He wants me to change the picture ASAP to a scene from Minnesota since that's where I'm at.  That has been my intention, but it's difficult to get a pleasant picture of rain and cold.  :)  If I ever see the sun again, I'll work on that!

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later,  Judy


  1. Thank goodness you got Emma back none the worse for her experience. That is a cute picture of her and the horse. On my Appalachian Trail hike through Grayson Highlands, VA, I got a great pic of my black lab nuzzling one of the wild horses through the fence rails. You could just see both of them quivering with excitement and wonder. Animals are so beautiful and so smart.

  2. Having one of our furry kids stray away is always one of our biggerst worries on the road & at home here as well. We keep a squeaky toy close at hand & if one of the gang gets out of site we get the squeaker going & that always brings the 'errant kid' on the run for a treat & game of toys:))

  3. So glad Emma decided to come back from her stroll. Emmi would really love to play with our horses but as they are loose and so is she, that wouldn't be a good thing!

  4. Boy are we glad Emma is safe, the encounter with the horse is really great, Rigg's has never seen a horse so it will be interesting to watch when the oppurtunity arises, I really believe that dogs have a special sense about other animals,I had a police dog that encountered a frog by our pond for the first time after sniffing it the frog jumped and I thought Heidi was going to do a backflip, utterly hilarious how fast that dog reacted to something as harmless as a frog. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  5. I was just thinking how lucky Emma is to have been dumped off at a park and have you take her in. I wish I was Emma. She didn't have to save any money or wait until retirement. Man she is lucky.

  6. That pic of Emma and Horse sniffing each other is Priceless. Would that make a sufficient MN pic Mr. Cracker? Until the sun comes out anyway??

  7. It will suffice for the time being Katie.

  8. Loved the pic of the horse bending down to Emma, just precious!
    Thank goodness you found Emma again! Poor puppy!
    Crackerdan will just have to wait for photography weather in Minnesota! LOL