Borrego Springs, CA

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

An ugh kind of day

I woke up with a sore throat this morning to go along with the coughing I’ve experienced for the last day or two.  Ugh!  Then in the late morning, I had a dentist appointment to get my teeth cleaned.  Ugh!  I hate going to the dentist, but luckily this was a pretty quick in and out.

The sneezes and runny nose began in the afternoon.  Ugh!  I haven’t had a cold or anything else distressing in over five years.  Fulltiming seems to be a healthy lifestyle for me, until today.  Ugh!  I think I’ll blame it on all the excitement of getting a new rig and the fact that my grandson, Joseph, has been coughing away since I got here.  :(

I’ve decided to go up to the “cities” (Minneapolis/St. Paul) tomorrow to the Camping World store there to get a 50 amp surge guard.  My 30 amp surge guard has saved my bacon several times over the years, so I want to be prepared for my new rig.

I’d like to thank everyone for their uplifting comments on yesterday’s post.  I’m really excited about picking up the new rig on Friday.  I’m trying to work out the details of getting it into Andy’s driveway alongside my present rig so the transfer of “stuff” will be as efficient as possible.  I’m hoping this upper respiratory distress will be gone by then.  :)
IMG_1772I leave you tonight with this double rainbow scene along the Green River in Dinosaur National Monument.  This was the view out my front window.

Thanks for stopping by….talk to you later,  Judy


  1. Beautiful rainbow pic. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Hope the bug you got is nipped right away, wouldn't want anything to slow down moving into the new rig. Do what Sam does and right before bed take a big gulp of Nyquil and then wrap up and sweat it out like the old hot toddy Mom and Gramdma used to make for us. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

  3. Get rid of that cold so you can really enjoy moving into that beautiful new rig!

  4. Lot's of fluid, zinc lozenges and get plenty of rest! Get better fast. I will I was there to help you move. How Exciting!

  5. Kids are germy creatures guaranteed to infect their loving grandparents!

    I almost always come down with something when I visit, but I love them anyway and wouldn't stay away.

    Hoe you feel better soon. Sleep is a good treatment.

  6. Hope you get to feeling better real soon.

    We love the picture of Emma and the horse.

    The new MH is super nice Emma will love it.

  7. What a beautiful view!! Just awesome!! Hope you feel better very soon.

    I look forward to catching up with your blog!! We began full-timing in August 2009 so we are still in the "newbie" stage. We enjoy birding as well and we also volunteer. We will begin a camphost position June 1. Looking forward to that.

    Take care..
    Mike & Gerri(happytrails)