Borrego Springs, CA

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What happened to spring?

People always accuse me of bringing bad weather with me when I arrive somewhere, and I'm beginning to think it's true.  :(  The drizzles and cold continued today, and are forecasted again for tonight and tomorrow.  Ugh!
I headed for the car fix it place this morning to give them a copy of the tire receipt.  That done, I stopped at my favorite HyVee for groceries, and really notice how much more expensive produce is in Minnesota compared to Texas.  I've eliminated avocados and red peppers from my diet this week.  Next, I stopped at Universal to check on loan rates for the RV.  My financial adviser suggested that it may be wise to finance a portion of the cost rather than paying for it outright.  We'll see.

I decided to get out and take some pictures today, even though it was so dreary.  A springer spaniel lives next door, and when his people get home from work they let him outside.  This is Scooter.

Both dogs just run and run in the fenced yard ...

And Emma flies through the air...

Eventually they wear themselves out (a little) 

and have to stop for a drink.

Then it's sniffs and licks and they're off again for another round.

Emma had her first encounter with a horse today.  Two of them were outside the back fence.

Andy's apple tree is in full bloom.  I hope we don't have a frost.  That would kill this year's crop.

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later,  Judy


  1. Beautiful shot of the horse in the wildflowers!

  2. I'm already spoiled by the fresh produce I can buy here in CA, although there are some specialties in all parts of the country that can't be had here. Georgia Vidalia onions for one, NY cherries, for two, and I could probably think of a dozen more.

    The weather eventually has to get better, doesn't it? We are finally scheduled for 4 straight days in the mid-80's, which is getting close to the limit of my comfort zone.

  3. Great action shots of the dog's playing & I hear what your saying about......the weather!!

  4. Great dog games!
    Maggie needs a friend like that she loves to run.
    Can't wait to see your new "rig digs"

  5. I think you should change your picture at the top to something from MN. It should show a picture of where you are when you are posting. Get that done ASAP.

  6. GRINS & COFFEE!! What a Deal!
    That Emma's a Wild Woman!

  7. Emma sure likes to run, she would enjoy a good romp with Rigg.s, Now I know why you call her your wild child, I think most lab"s are full of exuberance. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna

  8. I agree with Dan.. Picture of Phoebe or Ruby perhaps?