Borrego Springs, CA

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Preparing for the last archery hunt, etc.

I was up again today before dawn in order to prepare for the bird tour. We had a full van load of people waiting for us, but we had to clean the van inside and out before loading up. There's nothing worse than dirty windows when you're birdwatching. After the waterfowl count yesterday, I suggested a new route for the tour today. We spent the entire tour on the back roads with no return to the visitor's center half way through. This was only possible because, during the hunting season, there are porti-potties placed at various intersections in the refuge. A pit stop is essential half way through a four hour tour and not just for the visitors. ;)

The weather was beautiful, the roads were passable, and the birds were cooperative. What more can a birder ask for? This bird tour business is hard work, but somebody has to do it. :)

After lunch, Diana and I prepped the Outpost for the last archery hunt that begins tomorrow. We rearranged the room and furniture and restocked the snack supplies that we sell. There were also the hunt record books to track down and set up for use. The two of us are working the check station tomorrow afternoon and evening so we wanted everything ready to go. After today's bird tour, I know there are still plenty of deer out there and more than enough Nilgai and feral hogs to be eliminated.

After that was done, Diana headed off to the Harlingen airport to pick up her daughter who is flying down from Houston for a short visit. I decided it was a perfect afternoon to give the new dog training exercises a try. Today's lessons went a little better than the other day, and Emma is making progress walking on a loose leash. I also was able to subject her to some minor distractions along the walk and her behavior was much improved. I will follow the rules and no longer use one of those retractable leashes that pulls out fifteen feet. I've decided this should be called the three Ps method...perseverance, patience, and praise. Wish me luck!

My plans for tomorrow include kite flying on South Padre Island beaches and then work at the check station.

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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