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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The old Focus is in the shop

Yesterday afternoon, Diana helped me get the old Focus into Harlingen to have the US Gear brake system removed so it can be re-installed on the new Focus. This is the braking system I have installed in the motorhome so that when I step on the brakes going down the road, it also puts on the brakes in the towed vehicle (toad) to aid in slowing down the whole unit. It takes a much greater distance to stop a motorhome with a toad than it does an ordinary vehicle.

Diana's husband, John, was also leaving to take their daughter, Aja, back to Houston and to attend some doctor's appointments that he has there. We were a three car caravan heading down route 106. The county had attempted to level this miserable road on Saturday, so it was a little easier going than normal. We decided to drop off the red Focus and then meet for lunch before John and Aja took off. We had a delicious late lunch at a super Chinese buffet that also included a Mongolian stir fry...all this for the princely sum of $6.23 (for seniors ;) ). I do like Chinese.

When we got back, we checked and found out that we had a full van load for today's bird tour. It turned out that half of the people on the tour had been on one of our tours last year. Two of the gentlemen were with us last year when we got stuck in the mud/gumbo and had to be towed out. The roads were very dry today so there was no danger of that reoccurring. We did have one stand of water to blast through, though. The result of which meant we had to clean the van this afternoon. In addition to birds, we saw a bobcat, coyote, and several nilgai today. It was a good tour even though it ran a half hour over our allotted four hours.

I'll be waiting for a call to find out when I can take the new white Focus in for the towing base plate, have the US Gear brakes installed, and bring the red Focus back. The clock is ticking...

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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