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Monday, January 26, 2009

I forgot to bring my Harley!

Pam, Stan, and I headed out in the very dense fog this morning to visit the Capitol Building in Austin. As we neared the entrance we noticed a big crowd and what appeared to be a protest group being taped by TV cameras. Sure enough, many biker groups from Texas had gathered in their yearly visit to their senators and representatives.
They were most interested in protesting their opinion of the law that allows a vehicle driver to run a red light and injure or kill a biker and then only receive a $125 fine.
They were an enthusiastic group and flooded the building as we were trying to enter. I talked to several of them to find out why they were here. This is democracy in action. What a hoot to be with this crowd, although I'm sure we looked like misfits. ;)
I wanted to take the guided tour of the building, and we did so. The tour guide was quite adversely effected by the large contingent of leather-clad visitors and was disturbed by the noise they created. He shouldn't have been, in my opinion, as the capitol belongs to the people of the state and they have every right to be there.
I, for one, enjoyed the tour and all the history the guide imparted to us. Texan's have a heritage to be proud of. This picture is looking up in the rotunda. It was more spectacular than this shows.
You can still see the heavy fog even though it was noon. Pam and Stan are those tiny figures in the fore ground.
After the tour, we headed back to the car in the capitol visitor's parking garage and got prepared for the downtown parking fee. I couldn't believe it when the attendant said our fee for over two and a half hours was 75 cents! This must be among the biggest bargains in America. What a pleasantly surprising shock that was.
Pam revved up her GPS and in no time we were at Stubb's BBQ in downtown Austin. This place had been recommended to me by the lady at the state park reservation office, and it was a winner. Stan and I enjoyed the pulled pork sandwiches and Pam had the brisket sandwich. You have to order in the bar, and by the time you sit down, your order is served. This was an excellent example of Texas BBQ.
About an hour after we returned to McKinney Falls, the fog finally started to lift and the temperature got up to 70. I took Emma out for a good walk and we chased up five deer. There is a winter storm approaching, and I hope it won't damper our plans to visit the LBJ Ranch tomorrow morning.
I accidentally uploaded a repeat sunset from Choke Canyon tonight and don't know how to delete it. That's it for today.
Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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