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Monday, January 5, 2009

Busy work on a day off

My list of things to do for today included calling my car insurance company to get the new car covered, re-registering, the motorhome in South Dakota for the year, locating the title for the old Focus, trying to set up appointments for the Blue Ox base plate and US Gear brake system, and grocery shopping. I was successful with everything except the appointments. My daughter had the title in her safe deposit box (as I thought), I did the motorhome registration on-line, and the insurance company called me back and coverage was begun and they sent me my insurance proof via the Internet. I kind of got a runaround about the appointments and even drove to Harlingen to provide some in person pressure, but things are still not settled. Maybe tomorrow... Living fulltime in a motorhome doesn't mean it's a fulltime vacation. ;)
One of the things I forgot to do today was return the power point projector to the office, and of course Leo, the biologist, needed it tonight. By the time I found out about his need, he was already on his way off of the refuge to the meeting where he will make a presentation. Oh well, he wasn't angry so I guess he had another source for a projector. While talking to him, he asked if I could do the waterfowl count for this week tomorrow morning. He was reluctant to ask me to do it on my day off, but I assured him that a morning spent birding wasn't exactly a great sacrifice for me. I'll just take an afternoon off later in the week.
Here's another of the critters that are found on the refuge...the nine banded armadillo. You can count them; there are nine bands. Did you know that if an armadillo has to cross a river he has two options? He/she can either submerge and walk along the bottom to get to the other side, or, if it is a wide expanse, it inflates it's innards with air and floats across.
While I was doing my grocery shopping this afternoon, I picked up the needed supplies for the meatloaf I'll be making for tomorrow's potluck and some really delicious cherries. What a great snack those cherries are, and healthy too.
I have been watching a video the last few evenings on turning your dog into the "perfect" dog. Emma is a great traveler and behaves most of the time, BUT she has a real issue and goes berserk any time we encounter other mammals (including people, dogs, and anything else that breathes). I tried to begin the process this morning of the prescribed training. It was not successful. I guess I need to watch the video a few more times as the instuctor suggests. I have raised quite a few dogs in my time including seven guide dogs for the blind, but I've never run up against a canine as resistant to correction when approaching distractions as this one. Patience is a virtue they say. ;)

Emma has a few words to say this evening:
What is up with this new collar??? I am really protesting my human's attempt to reign in my exuberance. I really could be a good circus dog...jumping and flipping and running around in circles. Why doesn't she appreciate this? Now, if only I could figure out how to make her forget about this stuff....
Here's another view of the refuge...sunset on Laguna Atascosa (muddy lake).
Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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