Borrego Springs, CA

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Another front blows in...

I didn't have to work yesterday, so I planned to just relax. In the early afternoon, I got a call from Boggus Ford that my new plates from South Dakota were in, so I drove into Harlingen to pick them up. I wanted to touch base with them about a problem with the driver's door window molding, and got that fixed while I picked up the plates. It was a pretty peacefull day.

We had a full van load signed up for this morning's bird tour. I woke to temps in the sixties and quite a bit of fog. We hosed off the van so we could see out of the windows and headed for the visitor's center to pick up our passengers. The trip today would be limited to the bay side loop since the last archery hunt was still in progress. The winds were calm so the mosquitoes were out in mass just waiting to prey upon us. I got several bites just taking Emma out for her pre-dawn walk. A cold front was supposed to arrive some time during the day, but it was hot and muggy for the tour. We had folks from the Northeast today with couples from Quebec, Nova Scotia, and Maine. It was a good birding morning, and we had a nice variety of species.

Tri-colored Heron....

White Tailed Hawk........and White Tailed Kite........

After lunch, I headed out for Baker's Acres to get some reject oranges for the birds at the visitor's center and to get oranges for myself. Sorry to say, due to hurricane Dolly, the navel orange season is over at this orchard, so I bought some Mars oranges for my daily juice fix. They have quite a few seeds, but are very sweet. As I drove back to the refuge, the cold front from the north arrived with high winds, rain, and an immediate 20 degree drop in temperature. Temps will be into the forties tonight, so it's time to turn on my two small electric heaters for the night.

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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