Borrego Springs, CA

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

LBJ Ranch & a winter storm warning

Emma and I went out at 6:30 this morning for her first walk and I wore shirt sleeves. It was in the sixties. That was the lull before the storm. I watched the news before Pam and I left on our sight seeing expedition, and packed my sweatshirt and windbreaker just in case. Boy am I glad I did. By the time we made it to the LBJ Ranch, it was raining and the temp had dropped into the thirties! That didn't stop us from having an enjoyable time, though. We went to both of the National and State Parks, watched two informative movies on LBJ, went on two guided tours, did one auto tour with a CD, and about froze our tutu's off on the mostly outside tour of the Texas White House.

By the time we returned, we were starving, as there wasn't anyplace to eat around lunchtime. Stanley had said he would take us out for dinner tonight, so we walked the dogs and got ready to go to the Texas Steak and Cattle Co. for dinner. I checked the weather forecast before we left and decided to fill the water tank and detach the water hose and store it. The temperature has a very good chance of going below freezing tonight and we may be hit by an ice storm. I don't want my pipes to freeze and the hose was still pliable tonight. By morning, it would have been very difficult to roll up, to say the least. The DISH had also lost it's satellite connection, but I didn't have time before we left to check on that.

The food was delicious and if we hadn't have gotten lost on the way back, we would have been home before dark. After about a half hour, I was able to site the DISH on the satellites again so I'll have TV for the evening. We are scheduled to leave here tomorrow to move on to Lake Summerville State Park, but I'm positive it won't happen very early. We'll have to check on road conditions before we depart.

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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