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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Go Fly a Kite!

I recall growing up in Chicago and building a kite with sticks, string wrapped around a twig, a knotted piece of cloth for the tail, and thin paper over the frame for the grand price of ten cents. I would take it to the school yard and run like the wind trying to get it to take off. The school yard was the only place where there were no trees. You had to look out for the surrounding electrical and phone wires, but you did have a vacant piece of sky to work with.

Fifty plus years later, flying a kite has changed a lot. Fellow Escapees, Sue and Vern, met us (Diana, John, their daughter, Aja, and me) on the bay side beach of South Padre Island for a morning of kite flying. Vern is a great teacher about kite flying. There are now four lines from the kite to your hands and the kites are quite a different shape. In my youth, I was thrilled just to get the kite into the air, but now kite fliers do acrobatics and intricate moves. After Vern's tutelage, I was able to really enjoy the possibilities of flying a kite. It was like soaring with the eagles...what fun. Sorry to say, the wind soon abated, but it was sure nice being on the beach with temps getting into the eighties. All too soon, Diana and I had to return to the refuge to man the hunter check station.

I enjoy working the check station, as I think I have said before. Today's take was three does, two hogs, and one five point buck. There are two hundred permits issued for this four day hunt, and about 120 bow hunters were out today. Tomorrow's temps are forecast for the eighties before another front moves through for the weekend. Bow hunters just enjoy being out on the refuge whether or not they bring down anything. They are a positive bunch to chat with as they check out each evening.

I have tomorrow off since I did the waterfowl count on Tuesday, so I'm thinking of going to Baker's Acres as my orange supply is nearly exhausted.

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

p.s. The dead ocelot that was reported earlier in the week turned out to be a dead large house cat. I guess that is a good thing...for the ocelots at least.

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