Borrego Springs, CA

Friday, January 23, 2009

A change in plans

My sister, Pam, called me last night to let me know they didn't want to spend nine nights at McKinney Falls State Park because they still had a fire ban on. We all enjoy a campfire in the evening, but there hasn't been any rain in the area since October, hence the ban. I said I wanted to spend a few days at McKinney so we could tour Austin.

This morning I called Texas State Parks and Wildlife and talked to a very helpful person. She suggested things to do and places to eat in Austin and found another state park within 100 miles that didn't have a fire ban. So, we'll spend three nights at McKinney Falls, and then move on to Summerville Lake State Park for the remaining six nights.

The temps today got up to 80 degrees, and I enjoyed just relaxing and watching the birds. I also spent considerable time getting the sand burrs out of Emma's feet. They are everywhere that isn't paved and painfull. A weak cold front is supposed to pass through the area tonight, so it will only be in the high sixties tomorrow. I'll see if I can find the rare Mexican Pine Flycatcher that has been seen in the park.

This has been a restful day.

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy


  1. Sorry to hear that the temp has dropped into the 60s. The high for today here, will be 11 degrees.

  2. I realize you folks up north rightfully don't have much sympathy for my weather plight, but I've come to really enjoy temps in the seventies and eighties. ;) A high of 11 is a distant, yet painful, memory!