Borrego Springs, CA

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Another Waterfowl Count....finally

I set the alarm for six this morning and woke up to a heavy mist/light rain and chilly temperatures. I thought it might cancel the waterfowl count once again, but my intrepid driver, John, ignored the inclement weather and we were able to complete the route. It has been at least three weeks since the roads have been drivable for the count. The best part was seeing almost seven hundred sandhill cranes. I really love their calls. The rain seemed to keep many of the birds down for the morning so we could count them. White pelicans are not a species that we count, but they seem to arrive at each stretch of water as we approach. They remind me of B-52 bombers as they come gliding in to land. After five hours, we finished the route and headed back to camp.

In the afternoon, I returned the power-point projector, that I forgot about yesterday, to the office and turned in my tally sheet for this morning's count. I also stopped by the visitor's center and found out that we have a full van for tomorrow's bird tour. I'm happy that after being on the back roads today, we will not be restricted to the Bay side loop tomorrow.

Fast forward to six this evening and our weekly pot luck. As usual, the food was good and I think the two meatloaves I made turned out well. Peas have always been my least favorite vegetable and I usually avoid them. Tonight, I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy a pea salad. Maybe it's because the peas were still partially frozen.

I'll be up at six again tomorrow to get ready for the tour, so I'd better think about calling it a night.

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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