Borrego Springs, CA

Monday, March 23, 2009

Win a Prize!!!!

Here's your chance to be a winner! I haven't had many comments on my blog, so I thought I'd run a contest to see how many of you folks are reading this. You have to click on the word "comments" that is located at the end of this entry and post your answer to the challenge of "Name that skull!"
On my many walks with Emma, there are times that I discover things that are off the beaten path. Here's what we found tonight....

This skull had obviously been there for a while and was picked clean. There were a few other bones scattered around the area, mostly vertebrae, but no legs or ribs or other clues.
So, what do you think? I have my guess that I will check out with the refuge biologist tomorrow.
I'll wait a few days before posting the winner. There really will be a prize... (remember all those walking sticks I have been working on?) So post your guess now....live on the wild side!!!
Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy


  1. It looks like a head.
    How's that for an astute answer? If you insist on further detail then I'll guess it's a horse. I think the nose is too long for a cow. I think I can safely rule out a snake,a rhinoceros, an insect and a human.
    Did I win a prize??
    ps. I knew you couldn't resist telling everyone I damaged your car!!

  2. Showed your contest to Ma today, and the only thing she came up with is" it looks like an old dead animal." good guess.

  3. Keep those guesses coming!! I will announce the winner(s) in a few days. I guess I can safely say that my mother (age 91)is a winner. How can you ague with an "old dead animal"????

  4. My guesses: peccary, javelina, or wild domestic pig.

  5. Well I'm slow in answering and all the ones I can think of have been taken already. I still would put my bets on a Javelina considering the position of the teeth.