Borrego Springs, CA

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Intestinal Fortitude

This part of the post is dedicated to my sister and her husband. Others may find the topic unusual....Intestinal fortitude (or not). Have you ever thought of the many ways that lack of intestinal fortitude is referred to? There's diarrhea, green apple quick step, the "runs" and shitskees! Some are rather descriptive.

;( Well, let me tell you, that Emma had a rather liquid response to her vaccinations yesterday. Being the lady that she is, she made it evident to me that she really needed to go out several times this morning before I left for work. I am so happy that I heeded her warnings!

So why, do you ask, have I dedicated this information to Pam & Stan??? Well, for quite a number of years, when I have dined with them, one of the major topics of discussion over the dinner table has been the digestive health of their canines. I just thought it was about time that I had some input. ;)

On a brighter note, I had a fantastic bird survey this morning. I went to Warbler Vista to do the Cactus Rock and Ridgeline Trails. What a thrill to document nine golden-cheeked warblers! There were also seven black and white warblers along the trail and a first of the season blue-gray gnatcatcher! These sightings were mixed in with the usual cardinals, black-crested titmice, vultures, and a Carolina wren. The wind abated this morning so it was a lot easier to hear the birds in the forest. Since it was in the high sixties this morning, I was able to wear shorts and a tee shirt in comfort. Things don't look so bright for the rest of the week.

I guess I have gotten spoiled this last week with the pleasant temperatures. By tomorrow morning, rain is supposed to move in and the temps will soon plummet. I guess I'll have to get out my jeans and warm coat again. :( I will welcome the rain, however. Maybe it will help with all the dust from this drought ridden area.

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy


  1. Dear Judith:
    I'm glad you finally had some input regarding our long standing discussions about poop. It's a much more interesting topic when it's happening to YOUR canine companion, isn't it? Stan and I still remark on how vivid the memories still are.
    We have a very interesting movie of Emma trying to put George in a headlock. We'll bring it along on our next visit.
    Our weather is delightful, it's around 60 degrees and sunny. We had a big wind storm earlier in the week too. It loosened the roof on our back porch.

  2. Believe me when I say, I don't think a poop discussion is interesting at any time. :) It just made me think of you all. ;)