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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Deer, BS, Loose dog, & Bird Antics

I was rudely awakened at 6:30 this morning by Emma's barking outburst. When I looked out the window at the head of my bed, I knew the cause of her excitement. There was a deer almost close enough to touch. Emma had seen her out the front windows.

So, I got up and readied myself for another bird survey. I did the three and a half miles of trails at Doeskin Ranch and saw a greater variety of birds than I did last week. It was pretty windy, but it was warm enough to remove my sweatshirt by the last two trails. I do enjoy these morning surveys and look forward to discovering the new species each week as the migration season begins.

When I got back to the rig for lunch, I first took Emma out for a walk and then hooked her up to her outside cable. As I was putting together the final touches on my lunch, I noticed that Emma was walking around right outside the door. The cable shouldn't have allowed her to walk that far. Sure enough, she had slipped away from the cable some how. I casually stepped outside and called her over. She took one look at me and headed the other direction. She went over to Diana and John's rig with me in fast pursuit. The only reason I got her back on the leash is that Buffy went berserk and Emma went up their steps. She is a frustration to me at times.

After that little interruption, I sat down to lunch with Emma inside. She was very interested in something right outside the front windows. When I took a look out the front window, I saw two birds literally attacking my car. On one side was a mockingbird and on the other side was a cardinal. Both were very active trying to peck their reflections in the windows and the outside rear view mirrors. The result of all this activity was an abundance of bird poop on the windows and mirrors. Breeding season can't be far away with this demonstration. Maybe I need to cover the whole car before they knock themselves out!

This afternoon I attended a meeting with Rob and all the volunteers. I have worked with some random thinking type people before, but Rob really takes the cake. This meeting went on for over two hours and should have only taken about twenty minutes. Oh well, tomorrow it's on to Warbler Vista for another survey. I'm hoping to find the first golden-cheeked warblers of the season.

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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