Borrego Springs, CA

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wet and dreary

Only one person didn't show up for the bird tour this morning even though the forecast was for a 90% chance of rain and thunderstorms.  We experienced a little moisture, but mostly is was just dreary.  We had a good tour and most folks were able to see the black-capped vireo. 

It did get rainier in the afternoon, so I headed to Cedar Park for some groceries and dog food.  About half way there, I noticed that I had forgotten my wallet.  Ugh!  I had to travel back through the hills and start over again.  I can't believe I did that.  :(  It looks like Emma and I will be spending the evening indoors, as the rain is persisting.

Yesterday, on my way back from checking out the hummingbird nest, I stopped along FM 1431 for some more pictures of the blue bonnets and other wildflowers.  It seems that half the country drives this two lane road on the weekends to see the flowers, so I thought it would be a little safer on a Wednesday. These blooms will be gone soon, so I wanted to appreciate them now.  I hope you enjoy them as well.  :)

I chose to stop at a spot that I think has the most beautiful display on a little hill between here and the Doeskin Ranch turn off.  It's also about the only place you have room to pull off on this stretch of curvy, hilly road.

The new header picture that I have at the top of the blog...

also came from this absolutely gorgeous spot.  :)

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later,  Judy


  1. Last year at Lassen I drove the 6 mile gravel road all the way to the highway before realizing I didn't have my wallet. What a waste of time and diesel fuel! Glad you figured it out before you got to the store.

  2. They are all blooming on the sides of the freeways and highways here, too.
    You found a lovely spot for taking the pictures.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Trails, Penny, Lake Conroe, TX

  3. Texas has beautiful wild flowers. Thanks for the photos!

  4. Judy, your new picture at thte top looks almost patriotic! And, I am now in TX and saw my first blue bonnets yesterday. Are the orange flowers Indian paintbrush? And the pink ones look like genus Ranunculus, but I don't know or can't remember the common name. Do you know? Driving the 5vr thru the metroplex all the way down I-35 was a real trip...in the future I will take lesser known roads. Wrecks and rain tried to ruin the day, but we got to San Antonio just fine, and I'm enjoying talking to all these RV people! After these 3 days of driving, I think I can now go just about anywhere on my own.

  5. PetDoc,
    The blooms in my header are mostly blue blonnets and Indian paintbrushes. I don't know the names of any of the other flowers. Happy to hear you made it to San Antonio safely. That town is a real bugger to go through on I-10. The driving gets easier with practice, but I'm always on my toes 100% driving the rig!