Borrego Springs, CA

Monday, April 5, 2010

New visitor at the Hard Rock (Bird) Cafe

I've decided to call my site the Hard Rock (Bird) Cafe, since I haven't seen more rocks in the soil since I lived in Newark Valley in upstate New York!  This is a rufous-crowned sparrow, my eighth species of sparrows to stop by for a snack.  :)  I'm expecting more different avian visitors as the month of April, and migration, progresses.

Today was an interesting and varied non-work day.  This morning, I headed to Cedar Park to take care of some errands that included stopping in at the Sprint store to purchase a new cell phone.  Once again, I was surprised to see how busy a store that only sells phones was.  I picked out a pretty basic model.  Since I have an air card for my laptop, I didn't see the need for me to buy an expensive phone with Internet access.  I really don't do any texting either, so all I needed was a basic talk to people phone.  The phone was basically free since I already have an account with Sprint, but I did have to pay an $18 start up fee, and sign a contract for another two years.  That contract business kind of gets on my last nerve since I've been a Sprint customer for four years.  I don't plan to switch to another company, but the $200 fine if I do, in the next two years, just doesn't set right with me.  What a scam since all I wanted was a new phone!

I also picked up some more anti-freeze/coolant for the motorhome engine, and went to Hobby Lobby to purchase some denim fabric.  I have two camp stools that are a little worse for wear that I've had for about twelve years.  Lynne, my fellow volunteer, has a sewing machine and believes she can replace the worn out fabric on the stools.  Since we'll all be leaving in about three weeks, I had to get the new fabric to take advantage of her offer to refurbish the stools.  I'll include some pics as the work progresses.  :)

Then, this afternoon, I had an email from my brother, Carl, asking if I wanted to be laid at rest, when the time comes, along side my grandparents, mother, father, step-father, and Carl and his wife.  Hmmm....to plot or not is the question.  The cemetery plots were paid for way back in the '40's or '50's.  My other brother thinks we should sell the unused plots if I don't want to be interred there.  My plan is to be cremated, but I will check with my kids before I decide one way or the other about where my ashes will reside.  I think I'd prefer to be cast to the winds at one of my favorite places in this country so I can briefly fly with the birds, but I will see if they are comfortable with that.  Dang, it's not easy for me to contemplate my own demise. :(

Looks like I'll be having to do some office type work tomorrow and preparing for my talk to a Master Naturalists Group on Wednesday.  I've also got to find some more reliable spots to take the bird tours scheduled for Thursday and Saturday!

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later,  Judy


  1. I don't like the cell phone 2 yr contracts either, but the phones are usually free or close to it. In Europe the phones are really expensive, but the service isn't so locked in. I had a pay-as-you-go system and never had to pay for incoming calls, only outgoing. So they get you one way or another.

    I have the same dilemma with whether or not to be interred when the time comes. I'd like my ashes scattered in the Smoky Mountains, but if my kids want to place them next to their dad in Cincinnati, then so be it. My spirit will be in the Smokies.

  2. I want you to do what is in your heart to do Ma... I can cherrish my memories no matter where you fly off to :o) Love you, Robyn Kay