Borrego Springs, CA

Friday, April 2, 2010

Blue Bonnets and Indian Paintbrushes

One of the reasons I came to Balcones Canyonlands NWR last year (besides the two endangered bird species) was to see the famous Blue Bonnets that bloom in spring.  Well, last year I was here after 18 months of a more than severe drought; hence not many blooms.  That's not the case this year!  There have been record rains this winter and early spring, so the wildflowers are prospering.

Today, I needed to do some errands, so I headed for Marble Falls this time so I could view the flowers on the way. 

I was not disappointed.  This is what an individual Blue Bonnet looks like.

But this is what the roadsides look like right now.  There is an astounding array of these flowers bordering FM 1431 to Marble Falls.

I'm glad I came back for a second year so I could experience this!

The Blue Bonnets are not the only blooms erupting.  There are also Indian Paintbrushes.

Such vibrant colors....truly eye candy!

After I got back to camp, Adrian, my neighbor in the tiny A-framed camper, helped me replenish the coolant/antifreeze in the motorhome.  The last time I exercised the engine last week, the engine gauge showed very high temps, and I discovered that the coolant was very low.  We put in over two gallons.  I'll have to pick up some more the next chance I get.  There's always something that has to be taken care of.  It was a learning experience for me, so I'm glad for the help.

My next bird tour is tomorrow, and it looks like there won't be high winds.  That's a good thing!  I sure hope we'll be successful in finding both endangered species.  :)

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later,   Judy


  1. Beautiful photos of the flowers. We've always wanted to get out there in the spring but never have made it.

    If your radiator was 2 gallons low, you probably should have your RV checked out. There must be a leak somewhere.

    Take care,

  2. Truly beautiful pictures, Judy. What a treat....Thanks! Deanna