Borrego Springs, CA

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring fever (a tale of two birds) :)

Picture this.....last week, a couple of male lark sparrows began visiting and enjoying the seeds I cast on the ground each night for ground feeders (birds that don't like using a feeder).  Enter spring, with warm temperatures and abundant sunshine.  You know that old saying about spring turning a young man's heart to fancy?  Well, soon these males began feeling the spring fever and singing their hearts out.  The result...

...they soon began appearing in close knit pairs.  That's fine until...

...two pairs decide to show up at the same time!  (notice how the bird in front has his hackles raised?)

It wasn't long before the two males prepared for action.

Both prepared for a showdown....(dun dun dun dah! dramatic music, please)

They squabbled; screeching at each other as they both rose into the air together.  Then, they went their separate ways with their ladies.  Wouldn't it be great if mankind could take a lesson from these guys?  (pardon the anthropomorphism here).

Okay, back to reality....we got skunked on the bird tour this morning in finding either of the endangered species.  :(  We did have an enjoyable morning, though, and did see some interesting birds.  On the Russel tract, we spooked a great horned owl, found a black vulture nest, and actually found two black chinned hummingbird nests!  One was last year's nest, but the other was busily being worked on by a female hummer.  It is amazing how these nests blend into the oak branches they were built on.  I will try to get some pics next week  so you can see.  We didn't find any vireos on the tract, though.

As we arrived at the area to search for golden cheeked warblers, we were greeted by a nice kettle of Swainson's hawks just beginning their circular ride on the morning thermals up into the sky.  There were nine hawks in that kettle.  It was an unexpected treat to watch them so closely.  However, there was not one warbler singing in the area this morning.  That was a bummer!  I sure hope things improve for the remainder of the tours.  I'll be scouting for better locations next week, for sure!

I hope you all (that's northern for the Texas y'all  :)) have an enjoyable Easter Sunday.

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later,  Judy

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