Borrego Springs, CA

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I had nine people show up for the bird hike this morning.  Since the van has gone to Atwater NWR, for their festival, and I only had room for seven people in the Suburban, one couple had to follow us in their car.  We headed out right at 8:00 and headed for the Russel tract to find the black-capped vireo.  Once we arrived, I gathered everyone together to play a tape recording of the song of the vireo.  When I shut it off, one of the participants said, "like that song I'm hearing over there?"  I listened, and sure enough, it was a vireo singing!  I led the group towards the sound.  The bird was singing across the road on private property.  I played the tape, once again, briefly, and across the road he came.

He came to see what intruder was singing in his territory!  What a fine view we had.  Everyone got to see this endangered bird, and he stayed still enough for several folks to get his picture.  I don't bring my camera on these trips since my major focus is ensuring an enjoyable experience for the visitors.  One lady got an excellent picture of the vireo and has promised to send me a copy in an email.  I sure hope she does so I can show you this bird.

Then, a second male began singing to our right!  What excitement ensued as we all were able to view this fellow as well.  This took place all within five minutes of arrival!  I then showed them the hummingbird nest and we moved on to try to locate a golden-cheeked warbler.  We were not as lucky in that quest, but everyone was just thrilled with the morning.  It is much harder to see the vireo than the warbler.  I was relieved.  :)

I will be out early tomorrow trying to find a more reliable site to find the golden-cheeked.  I have a dentist and his son flying in specifically from Ontario, Canada, this weekend to go on my bird walk.  :)  :(  Just a little pressure there....

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later,  Judy


  1. I hope you keep it up for at least two more years so I can come on one of your walks. You are a special lady to give the time and energy to help other see the birds in their natural habitats. Thank You.

  2. Judy, Your bird expertise is becoming international! That is great!
    And...I am leaving in a few days on my first extended RV trip--2 weeks in Texas. Can't wait. I don't think we'll be ver close to you; we'll be close to San Antonio and Houston. But I wiil still be reading your blog every night!

  3. Wanted to let you know that it is now much easier to post a comment on your blog. Not sure what you did, but it worked.