Borrego Springs, CA

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Take a guess!

Remember back in the day when there would be contests to guess how many jellybeans, or pennies, or marbles, or whatever were in a jar?  If you guessed the right number, you would win a prize at your local grocery store, or church bazaar, or county fair.  Well tonight, dear readers, I have a challenge for you!  Your only prize will be a congratulations on the blog, or a diamond willow walking stick, if you are in need of one.  :)

Your challenge is to guess how many white pelicans are in this photo that I took last week looking up into the sky from my RV site.  (you may want to enlarge the picture)

Lest you think I'm so bored that I spend my time counting specks in the sky, I can assure you that I didn't.  However, Chuck, the refuge biologist did just that and told me how many birds there were.  You see, there is a picture that was taken a few years ago by Karen Kilfeather depicting a similar migration flight of pelicans over the refuge that is posted in headquarters.  Chuck wanted to know if I had broken the record for the number of pelicans in one picture.  So, guess away!  :)

When I went down to Hdqrs this morning to do some office work (yuck), Deborah, the refuge manager, informed me that the "census people" would be here tomorrow morning to talk to me.  Since my official address is a mail service in South Dakota, I did not receive a census form in the mail.  She had been in contact with the census bureau and informed them that she had volunteers on the refuge that were full time RVers, so they are sending someone out.  Hmmm...

Besides barking at every vulture that soars overhead, Emma also is very interested in....

all the cottontail rabbits that come out at dawn and dusk.  Oddly enough, she was busy chewing on a stick this evening when this guy made his way across our site. He didn't stick around long, though.

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later,  Judy


  1. Please post an update on the census taker's visit. My address is also in SD, and of course I didn't receive a form in the mail either. I wonder why they don't just send them to the mail forwarding companies. It looks to me like the census is going to be missing many thousands of RVers because they didn't figure out a reliable way to count us. I never saw a billboard or a notice in the newspaper about RVers and how they can be counted, so unless we go out of our way to get a form and send it in, we're not part of it.

  2. Plus or minus 310 1/2 birds but only 1 rabbit.

    I love guess. Its better than doing the housework I should be about today!