Borrego Springs, CA

Friday, April 9, 2010

Busy day

I headed out this morning to check out another location on the refuge for finding the golden-cheeked warbler.  The tract was easy to find, but getting the gate open was definitely a challenge.  I have a key for the lock, but then it was a real struggle to lift and pull the gate open enough to get the vehicle through.  :(  Eventually, I drove up a hill and parked the Suburban about 100 yards up the road, next to a pond.

As I jumped out of the vehicle, I noticed a black vulture perched on a dead branch, and he also noticed me.

Apparently, I had disrupted his dozing while he waited for the air to warm, and thermals to begin.

He/she began to stretch and bask in the morning sun.

It wasn't long before he took wing.  As I headed up the rustic road on foot, I was accosted by myriad bird songs....cool!  Among them were the songs of a black and white warbler, white eyed vireo, blue gray gnat catcher, and, most importantly, a golden-cheeked warbler!  Aha!  This will be a good spot to go first thing in the morning tomorrow with my Saturday tour.  There are several men signed up for the tour, so it looks like I'll have some help available to battle the gate.  :)

After I got back to the rig, I headed to Lago Vista to run errands like grocery shopping, getting a hair cut, and purchasing some rustoleum (?) to repaint my little outside tables/camp stools.  Lynn stopped by before I left, and will be making the new seats for the stools from fabric that I picked up in Cedar Park earlier this week.  After she removed the old fabric, I was able to spray paint the frame early this evening.  I thought I would have to scrape and sand the metal frame, but apparently, John did that for me.  What a great couple they are!

Pam Goolsby sent me an email late last night with her pictures of the black-capped vireos that we found yesterday morning:

Here he is singing his heart out.

Then he was off to sing from another perch. I'm so pleased that the folks on the tour were able to experience these moments.  :)

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later,  Judy

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