Borrego Springs, CA

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Easy does it

Well, I woke up feeling quite a bit better this morning, but I decided that I wouldn’t push it.  I spent the whole day around the rig not doing much of anything.  I’ll be doing the same thing tomorrow.  It’s a shame, though, since the weather has been just gorgeous, but I want to be in tip top shape when I hit the road next week.


In the afternoon, I felt well enough to take Emma on a walk down the road in front.  This is a very busy road for a side street, but there’s not quite as much traffic on the weekend.  The roadside ditch was teaming with minnows.  I saw a green heron fly off from here yesterday.

_MG_1502 _MG_1505

There’s a small batch of what I think are wild morning glories blooming a ways down that haven’t been mowed off yet.  We didn’t go too far, because I didn’t want to overdo it.


My mind has been thinking about my exit plan from Louisiana.  With all the flooding up north, I’m really not sure which route to take.  Right now, I’m kind of leaning toward taking I-55 to I-20 to I-65.  That will add some miles to my journey, but if I stay on I-55 to I-57, that will take me right through Memphis and Cairo.  That route seems to have a lot more flooding along the way.  What do you think?


On the way back, we stopped to talk to the neighbors. 




Isn’t that the truth!  I really appreciate your support and concern.  It makes me feel not so alone out here.  Smile


Thanks for stopping by…. talk to you later,  Judy


  1. Well, how cowincidental is that to have all those bodacious Bovines knowing about your awesome blogging friends:)) Hey, I used the word awesome!!

  2. So glad you felt up to taking a wee stroll with Emma today. Sometimes we have to allow ourselves to chill out and just take it reeeeallly easy for a day or two. I know Emma gives you such wonderful companionship. There's nothing like a furry friend to snuggle up with when we're feeling not so great. :)

  3. WONDERFUL COW pictures! As an animal head person, I have looked t a lot of cow pictures, and if I had come across any as clear as these they would have been a treasure,

  4. I'm glad you up and mooooovin' again!

  5. Judy, Odel's family is in Memphis. We heard on the news today that the Mississippi is not going to crest in Memphis for another 10 days - and that side creeks and streams will be rising until then, too, as they continue to back up. I'd check with the TN DOT before heading in that direction, I think.

    So glad to read that you are feeling better!

  6. I would definitely avoid Memphis at this point in time. From the pictures on the news, things are not looking very good.

    Sure am glad you're feeling better and able to walk Emma a little bit. Feel much better tomorrow.

  7. Glad you're feeling better and I think giving yourself time to recuperate is very wise.

    I love cow faces and those two were perfect!

    The wild morning glories I grew up with don't look very different from the domestic, just a little smaller and not so many colors. I'm interested to know if that is, indeed, a wild morning glory!

  8. Happy you are feeling better...love the pics! We heard on the news tonight that the Mississippi should crest in Memphis on Wed -- they showed the pics in the Memphis area & the water is already high. We too are looking at our exit route, as we are leaving NC on Monday, heading to Branson, MO. Our plan AT THIS MOMENT is to take I-24 out of Nashville, TN, to St Louis, then I-44 to Springfield and then dropping down to Branson. I-40, is closed East of Little Rock, both ways, due to rising water, with a LONG detour around. Be careful out there!

  9. According to news reports around here, the water is receding somewhat near Cairo because the Army Corps of Engineers blew three holes in the levies. I'm sure the interstates in the area aren't under water but, if you do decide to take 55 to 57, it would be best to check with IDOT when you get closer. Here is the link for road closures:


    If you decide to take 20 to 65, remember you will be going through the areas that were hit by massive tornadoes last week. This shouldn't affect interstate travel either, but might make it difficult to find a safe place to overnight.

    Whatever route you choose, have a safe trip, and we'll look forward to more great photos!

  10. I would avoid the Mississippi flood plain for awhile. You could always head east on I-10 and visit us in the panhandle of FL:)

  11. A friend just came up I-65 yesterday from AL. Didn't have any problems.

  12. On Sunday May 1st, I drove from Sikeston MO to Chicago. I drove I57, there was some water very close to the highway and there has been more rain since then. On Sat, April 30th I drove I55 from MS to MO, the highway goes around Memphis, I don't remember the exact route, I used my GPS, again there was some water very near the highway. I agree with some other commentors to check with the Highway Dept. - to check the status of the highways. The Interstate took me out of my way, but I wanted to avoid flooding small 2 lane roads. Hope you are feeling better, maybe a visit to a doctor is needed, your body is trying to tell you something. A lot of people may not agree, but I have several herbal teas that I use when I am not feeling well - preferred to RX.

  13. Those Morning Glorys look like the wild Roses that grow here in Alberta. Our province is Wild Rose Country. Glad you are feeling better

    Brenda Brown

  14. I'm so glad you're feeling better and getting ready to hit the road. Safe travels!

  15. I have no information or opinion about your route north, but I'm glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better. Take it easy, take care of yourself, and know that you have blogland friends who care about you.

  16. Glad you are feeling a bit better today Judy.

  17. So good to hear you're feeling better!
    Those look like wild Morning Glories for sure.
    Do you have a water filtration system into your rig and do you use a Brita filter for drinking water?
    I know in our travels, a change in water always does a number to one of us!
    Take some R&R so you can continue your travels!
    (We had an Osprey buzz the lighthouse we're docents at on Friday in Oregon! Up close & personal! :)

  18. I agree with Teri about the herbal teas making you feel better, although I dislike any kind of tea. I think I would avoid that Memphis-Cairo corridor - even if the threat of road closure isn't there, wouldn't there be a lot of traffic related to cleaning up the damage?

    Hope you feel good again and have safe travels.

  19. Nice to hear your feeling better and were up to a walk and talk with the cows. That's always a good sign!