Borrego Springs, CA

Friday, October 26, 2012

Slid right in to my chosen site. :)

No need to get up early this morning since I only had a drive of about 65 miles today to arrive at Okefenokee NWR.  On top of that, there was a hunt going on this morning at the refuge so the road I needed to drive down to get to the volunteer village was closed until noon.  Since I had scoped out the drive and found an acceptable gas station along the way, I thought I’d sleep like a log last night.  Not so!  I tossed and turned until almost four in the morning before drifting off briefly.  Just don’t understand that.


When I was checking out the available sites yesterday, I had four to choose from.  I chose the one on the far left in this view.  Only problem was, I couldn’t find a sewer hookup.  While I was out doing the wildlife drive, maintenance went over and found the missing hookup.  It was buried under the grass and sand.  I still will have to dig it out a bit, but to me this was the best sight in the village.  My car is parked on another site, and there is one more to the right.


My other choice wasn’t much better.  Notice how close the sites are?  It was obvious that these sites have been here for quite some time, and my guess is they were designed by someone that has never lived fulltime in an RV.  My gosh, there’s barely ten feet between them.  I like people, but really.  With all the acreage available on these refuges, you would think they’d give their volunteers a little breathing space.

IMG_1096 _MG_1097

So I chose the site I did so I wouldn’t have to stare into my neighbor’s RV when I sat outside with Emma.  There are only two sites here where that is possible.


This is my front yard and view.  This side faces the pine and live oak forest.  If and when we get more volunteers, I can put up with them on one side, but considering the amount of time Emma and I spend outside this was the premiere site in my opinion.

I knew it would be a little sticky sneaking into this site, but with the help of Barry, another volunteer who drives a motorhome, spotting for me, I backed into it in between the hookups on both sides on the first try.  I even placed the rig just right so that I can open all the basement bins without banging into the hookup posts.  I was feeling pretty smug when I checked out my backing up job.  Sarcastic smile

IMG_1106Most hookups are usually on the driver’s side, but we also have propane gas hookups here and they are on the passenger’s side at this site.  You can see how tight the squeeze to get in is.  That’s my rear tire on the right on the edge of the cement pad.  I have to go to town tomorrow to get the proper attachment so I can take advantage of the included propane.  My extend-a-stay hose doesn’t have the right couplings.


After spending the entire afternoon getting things set up for an extended stay, I collapsed into my rocker outside.  As usual, the biggest challenge was finding an opening in the forest to get the two satellites for my DISH honed in.  That finally accomplished, I put up the trucker’s antenna and hooked up the Wilson amplifier to see if I could get any internet or phone connections.  It’s not outstanding here in the middle of the boondocks, but I hope I’ll be able to post tonight.

As I was relaxing, I noticed this batch of fungus in the middle of my front yard.  As I lay prone on the grass to get this shot, no one called 911.  Winking smile  I guess I’m home for now…

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy


  1. I said "Wow" when I saw how close you parked to that propane connection. I think we would have run over it! Have a restful night sleep. You are home for awhile anyway.

  2. Fungus amoungus. Well, you took care of my question in your last paragraph. My other question was how in the world did you manage to get up from that prone position? Fungus is grand, and it doesn't flit around like birds. You can photograph it and it holds nice and still.

    Glad you made it safely to the Swamp!

  3. nice job parking and setting up!!..looks like a good place to call home for a while!!

  4. I am bowing to you right now....Hey, at least you are all set up and ready to take on another adventure.

  5. I always prefer an end or corner site. You have a nice backyard at this location.

  6. Your yard looks mighty inviting. Nice that you have a propane hookup.

  7. You're the man, Judy! ;) Hats off to you.

  8. Those are GREAT mushrooms! That is some parking job, to say the least. think it looks like a really good place. How long are you there this time, did i miss that? Can't wait to see what the lay of the land looks like. what is that building you are in front of? Laundry, bathroom?

  9. Nice! You always end up smelling like a fungus, er, I mean a rose. :c)

    You have chosen wisely. That is a nice "front" yard. Looks like you'll have a great stay. Enjoy that "free" propane.

  10. Great back-in job, nice side yard, and cool mushroom photo.

  11. I have so much trouble sleeping and I just hate it. You definitely picked a great site and what a back in job. Man are you a pro. No way I could have done that.

  12. Nice yard! Glad a call in to 911 wasn't necessary. ;-)

  13. I love the pic of the mushrooms. I wouldn't have been able to get back up! lol You did a great job backing up. That's the only thing that I am good at is backing the motorhome. Enjoy your stay

  14. Great 'shroom photo. Your choice of site was very wise ... it's always nice to have a bit of privacy wherever you are.

  15. We really enjoy parking at the end of a row. You have so much room out the driver's side. We enjoy that a ton. Emma will have a wonderful stay.
    I never heard of a park with proper hookups. What a great idea. No sure I would like to be that closely park to it though. Enjoy your stay.

    1. "You have so much room out the driver's side."

      Unfortunately all that room will be soon taken up with other parked RVs. It is the nice yard on the her passenger side that makes it a great parking space.

  16. I'm always impressed by folks who can back into the the spot they want without running over something vital. I agree with your choice of sites.... guess I get claustrophobic when there are folks on all sides. Glad your stay is getting off to such a good start.

  17. Wow, you are the captain of your ship! Great job backing up. I'd be scared to death to just drive forward!!! I hope Emma doesn't do anything wrong, because if you correct her, I'm sure your neighbors will hear. Happy adventures. Oh, by the way, great mushroom shot, I'd love to watch you take it. hehe

  18. Your new yard looks nice. And Emma looks like she is already at home.

  19. You did good. . .great spot. . .awesome parking job. . .and love the mushrooms. . .altogether. . .a great day!


  20. I think you picked the best site...perfect!

  21. You definitely ended up with the best site. I think if I would have had to take one of the others, I would have left. Great job parking!

  22. Such a beautiful front yard view, and with beautiful mushrooms, too. Great parking job, they sure don't give you much room.

  23. You really did pick the best site.
    Like the fungi

  24. Nice site, you clearly have that parking thing down pat.

  25. Great that propane is included! Looks like a volunteer site update is in order, but at least you were able to snag the best available site. Enjoy the view!

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