Borrego Springs, CA

Friday, November 13, 2009

The wind blows in...

I had planned to go visit another state park after doing the laundry this morning, but high winds and overcast skies moved in so I decided to just stay home today. So I'll show you some sights of things around the Ranch.

As I was getting the laundry ready to go, I went outside to put everything in the trunk of the car. As I moved around to the back of the car, I noticed a visitor....
There are at least two roadrunners that patrol the park, and one of them hung around my site long enough for me to get this picture. They especially like to pick off unsuspecting small birds from my feeder. My neighbor, Judy, on the west side of my rig hand feeds them hamburger some mornings, so they are not as skittish as usual. I really enjoy these birds...meep, meep! There are plenty of Wily Coyotes around too. Haven't seen any falling anvils, though. ;)

Emma and I visit the "bark park" a couple of times a day so she can get a little exercise off leash. The park aims to accommodate both city and country dogs. Her main exercise here consists of trotting around with a certain ball that she found in the enclosure. It usually takes her about a half hour to find the exact spot to bury this ball each day. Quite often, another dog digs up the ball later in the day, so she has a new mission each time we go there. Once she buries it and covers it up, she's ready to continue our constitutional around the park.

One of the ladies here takes care of all of the landscaping in the park, and what a great job she does. There are many native plantings throughout the park. Among them are many Yuccas. They bloom in the early spring and send up long flower shoots.
At this time of the year, the flowers have turned to seed pods and the winds help distribute the seeds.
The pods dry and open. See the seeds in the bottom right of the pod?

Here's what the seeds look like. They literally cover the ground around each Yucca. The seeds remind me of thousands of chips of flint lying on the ground. I bet plenty of seeds got dispersed with today's winds.

There will be a cold front blowing through over the next couple of days, and after tonight, it seems night time temps will fall below freezing for a few nights. Tomorrow will be time to fill the water tank and disconnect the hose at night.

I may go to a breakfast in town tomorrow put on by the Mason's. A bunch of us will meet at the office and travel to it together. It should be fun.

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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