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Thursday, November 12, 2009

A quick trip to Mexico

When I was out walking Emma this morning, one of the folks from the office let me know that they had a package for me. After putting Emma back in the rig, I headed to the office and sure enough the shoes had arrived! The big box that they came in looked like it had been through the war, but the important thing is that they arrived....and they fit perfectly. That's a relief.

After lunch, Jack asked me if I'd like to go on a quick trip to Mexico. He wanted to check to make sure that the stove that he had worked on was performing well at the orphanage. I said "sure." While we were down there, I wanted to look for a store that sold pet meds. I'm just about out of heartworm medicine for Emma, and the cost of Heartguard in Mexico is about 1/4 the cost of in the US. One of the challenges of traveling with a pet is that I am not in the same place every six months, and that's the amount of medicine I have been able to get. To get more, it involves the cost of another examination onto of the cost of the meds. Since I have her on the heartguard all year, I don't think the extra examination is necessary.

It's about a twenty five mile drive to Palomas, Mexico, down NM11. It's a good thing Jack knew where he was going as I would have been lost. After maneuvering through the border guards, we took a paved road for a while, and then Jack turned off of the pavement down the dirt streets. I hesitate to call them streets. They were no where near the caliber of streets in the US. I'm guessing that our top speed was about 5 mph and it was a very zig-zaggy route around lumps, bumps, and holes in the dirt. Our approach to the intersections was to slowly creep up on them and then look all directions to see if it was clear. There are no stop signs. It seemed like we were driving forever, but I'm sure it was probably only about a mile at most.

When we got to the orphanage, we were told the stove was working just fine, so we began our return journey through the back streets. I didn't find any pet med store. Once back in the US, we headed for Deming, but decided to make a side trip to try to get close to the "eye in the sky." This is a white blimp-like balloon(?) that can be seen in the sky from the RV park. It is put up there by the Border Patrol to monitor the border. We didn't get very close, but enjoyed the ride on the back roads surrounding Deming. You really can't get lost out there since it is pretty flat and devoid of tall vegetation, and the Florida Mountains are always in view so you know which way to head home.

When we got back to the rigs, I had a call from the store in town stating that the wine I had ordered, when I first arrived, had finally come in. So, I hopped in the car to go pick it up and get a gallon of milk. As I was paying for my purchase, a smiling gentleman(?) came up and put his arm around me and asked my name. He said "my name is Dr. Feelgood...just read my tattoo." Whoa!!! As I backed off, the salesclerk hollered at him to stop accosting the customers. He then grabbed his bottle of whiskey, picked up his coat from the floor, and headed out the door. Hmmmm, don't think I'll go back there again.

That was about enough excitement for the day, so I headed home. At 4:00, I went to the daily social "hour", which usually lasts about twenty minutes, to see what the announcements for the day would be. There are a couple of church bazaars this weekend, so I may check them out. Church bazaars usually have great baked goods for sale. :-)

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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