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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A decision for December

I've been trying to decide where to go next after I leave LoW-Hi Ranch after Thanksgiving. I had tossed around going to Yuma, AZ, but I need to be near Houston, TX, by the first of the year. I finally decided to move towards Houston, rather than away from it.

I ended up picking out the Enchanted Oaks RV Park in Rockport, TX. I do like Texas in the winter, and Rockport is on the gulf coast a little north of Corpus Christi. I stopped near there a couple of years ago for a couple of days on my way south to the Rio Grande Valley. I briefly visited Aransas National Wildlife Refuge at that time, but was not able to see any whooping cranes. I really would like to see this endangered species, and Rockport is a short distance from Aransas NWR. I'm also looking forward to some of those yummy gulf shrimp. ;)

Since I am a rather planful person, having made this decision puts my mind at ease. I've made reservations for the month of December. I'll see if this was a good decision. I don't often make reservations, but there are a lot of arriving winter Texans at that time of the year.

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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