Borrego Springs, CA

Saturday, November 21, 2009

What's the weather?

When I left Minnesota in September, I neglected to peel off the outside thermometer from my window. I'm sure it's located along US 14 somewhere near Claremont. :) So, when I got down here to New Mexico, I decided to purchase another thermometer. I do like to know how cold it gets at night.

I bought the first new thermometer at a hardware store, suctioned it on the outside and waited. It didn't work. I took it back, and none of the similar thermometers worked either. Later, I went to Walmart and bought a digital indoor/outdoor thermometer. It worked for about a week. Yesterday, I took it back and put out a few more bucks for a different digital indoor/outdoor thermometer.
So far, it's working fine with both temps, but this is not all it is supposed to do. The bells and whistles on this model include inside humidity, date, time, sunset/sunrise, predicted weather, and a figure that indicates what kind of clothes to wear outside! The figure is a male, and is clothed in different layers depending on the outside temp. He carries an umbrella if rain is in the forecast, and gloves and a hat if it's cold outside. I'm just curious to see what happens if it gets over 100*!!! What will they think of next?

Anyway, setting up all these additional features is my latest challenge. Just trying to change the time zone has me stumped. Sometimes I wonder who writes the directions for these electronic wonders. So far, the directions say that the appropriate light will be blinking so you can change it. Well, guess what? They don't tell you how to get the appropriate light to blink. I've pushed all the available buttons and don't seem to be getting anywhere. Considering that all I originally wanted was to know the outside temperature, I'm going to let it be until I get to Texas. I think I can still figure out what to wear outside just by knowing the temp and seeing if the trees are swaying in the wind. ;)

Sometimes, more isn't always better.........

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy


  1. I have a plain old outdoor thermometer that sounds like the one you lost. It sticks on the window and you peel it off when you move. I think I paid about $8 for it at an online RV place called "Hanna RV" or something like that. I wouldn't spend all that money at Walmart just to see how cold it is when I wake up - once the sun shines on it, it is inaccurate anyway. I know what you mean about the blinking lights and such - good luck with your new thermometer.

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