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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The saga of the shoes

When I was visiting my daughter, Robyn, in Indiana, I went looking for a couple of pairs of Saucony walking shoes. I was not successful in my quest, but did buy two pairs of Nike airmax shoes that felt fine when I tried them on. You can probably guess that they didn't turn out to be fine once I wore them for a day. I have issues with my ankles and after a short time in the Nikes, walking was very painful.

So, I decided last week to try shopping on line for the Saucony shoes that I can walk all day in. I went to onlineshoes.com and found exactly what I wanted, and they were on sale. ;) I ordered four pair so I'd be happy for a couple of years! I really felt good about it all until the next day. I got a message on my cell phone that they couldn't send the shoes to my present location in New Mexico. They could only send them to my billing address in South Dakota. What's up with that???? I called them back to find out the details, and sure enough, it was either send them to SD or cancel my order. I'm not even sure the mail service would accept a package that big, and then I'd have to pay the shipping to have them sent down here. I was a little hot under the collar and let them know how dissatisfied I felt. I was put on hold (with elevator music) for a time, and when the young lady came back on she said that after checking with her supervisor, they could send the shoes to NM if I used a different charge card. What the heck? What difference would that make? Anyway, I said I had another card and through her placed the order again. She said if I didn't get a call from them everything would be OK. Alrighty then........ Of course, about an hour later, the phone rang and you know who was calling. As it turned out, they just wanted to verify the shipping address and assured me that I would receive the order in 2-7 business days.

Fast forward one week, and I have yet to receive the shoes. Of course there was a weekend in there and today was Veteran's Day, so I'm hoping they arrive tomorrow or Friday. I will certainly heave a sigh of relief when they arrive.
Sometimes getting things while on the road can be challenging.

Not much else is happening that can be defined as very interesting. I did fix the wooden knife holder that shook apart in my travels today, but other than that it was just an ordinary day. For you folks up north, the weather has been sunny and in the 70's every day for the last 12 days. Really rough to deal with. :)

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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