Borrego Springs, CA

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A retiring couple of days

Since I retired in June of 2006, I've pretty much spent most of my time either volunteering, or moving from one assignment to another. This is the first time I've stayed in the same place for a month and not been working. So, I guess I'm learning how to be retired.

Of course, yesterday I had to do those things that are necessary like laundry and exercising the generator, but other than that I just walked Emma, read a book, and played on the computer. Today, I did go to the local VFW for a fish fry around noon with four other solos from the park. I was expecting cod or perch...something you might find at a fish fry in Minnesota or New York. (unless it's lute fisk at this time of the year in MN) Well, I forgot that I'm down south now...that means catfish. What was I thinking? The VFW did a great job of preparing the fish in a light batter along with fries, Texas toast, and cole slaw. Each person got three fillets of fish. That was way too much for me. I ate a comfortable amount and left the rest. (sorry poor starving children in China)

On the way back to the rigs, we stopped at a flea market. It met my expectations...plenty of junk for sale. I'm not a flea market person, but several of the others found treasures to purchase. That's about the extent of my activities for the last two days. I guess I better find something to tour tomorrow. I don't want to get too sedentary. ;)

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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