Borrego Springs, CA

Thursday, April 2, 2009

What a wind!

Along about 3:00 this morning, a front with thunder, lightening, and rain rolled through the hills. It was enough to keep me awake for some time. Upon arising, I was supposed to do a bird survey. I couldn't believe the intense winds out of the northwest. These were the strongest winds I've experienced here (although they were no where near the winds on the Puget Sound of Washington). The chances of seeing or hearing birds this morning were slim to none, so I opted to do errands in Marble Falls instead. I had some grocery shopping to do and I definitely needed a hair cut. I accomplished both duties, returned to the rig, and basically spent the afternoon hunkered down inside.
The winds didn't stop until sunset, but I was able to take a few shots out the window at the birds that are coming to the feeders.

This is a white-crowned sparrow. There are about a half dozen of them at the feeder, and they will be leaving soon for the north.

The bird in the foreground is a field sparrow. The males are already setting up territories and singing their hearts out to attract a mate.

Last, but not least, is a male house finch. They have pretty much populated the entire United States. They were formally a western species, but have managed to work their way into everywhere after a pair was released in New York some thirty or forty years ago.
I know you've all missed not seeing bird pictures, ;) so I've saved a few more for later posts. I tried to post some pics last night, unsuccessfully, so I'll include some of them tonight since things seem to be in a better state with the internet.
This is my new home at the Flying X. It's hard to get a true perspective in a photo, but I am perched at the top of a high hill.

This is the view out the window next to my dinner table. Notice that stone fences were built by the ranchers many times rather than barbed wire. There is no lack of stones to build these fences! If I have good reception tomorrow, I'll post a few more pictures.
Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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