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Monday, April 6, 2009

A Taxing situation

April 15 is fast approaching, and I still haven't done my taxes. Last year, while I visited my daughter and new granddaughter, I had AARP do my taxes in Indiana. It was free and only required waiting in line about five hours. Being in a more rural location right now, my chances of getting to an AARP location are slim. So, on Sunday I called H & R Block in Marble Falls. There was a deal going on for $50 off for the weekend if you brought in your last year's tax forms. Of course, when I called, the answering machine said they were closed. :(

I called this morning and the secretary said they were open yesterday, but forgot to change the phone message. Anyway, I made an appointment for tomorrow and I hope to persuade them to give me the weekend discount. I really should work on filing them myself, but I like to use the excuse that my internet connection is not very reliable. (that is true, but I should find a way to overcome that issue) I'm hoping to break even, but we'll see what happens.

The wind has been howling, once again, today. A little while ago I had to take down my trucker's antennae and tighten up the connections. It was showing the effects of the wind over the last week and really listing to one side. I was afraid it might take flight! I've got it upright again so I hope it improves my connection.

Temps tonight are supposed to drop to freezing, so I moved my tomato plants into the ranch house late this afternoon. It's supposed to get warmer for the rest of the week. Tonight's low temperatures are predicted to break some records. I'll be happy if the wind just tempers. :)

I've been trying to add some pictures, but am not having much luck. I'll try a few more times....Well, it didn't work.

I spoke to my daughter, Robyn, today and she and Dennis, and my granddaughter, Avery, may take a flight down here to visit some time this month. That would be fantastic! There is room in the ranch house for them to stay and it would give them a break from winter. Of course, I'd be happy to see all of them. Avery is taking her first steps and I haven't seen them since she was a newborn. I'm pumped at the possibility. :)

I'll be heading out for Warbler Vista tomorrow morning. Strong winds from the north have knocked down some migrating birds, so I'm hoping for a good birding day.

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

p.s. PetDoc...check the comments on the entry from two/three days ago...

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