Borrego Springs, CA

Monday, April 20, 2009

Some more bird pics

After doing laundry and cleaning the rig, I worked on taking some more pictures of my feathered friends. I'll see if I can upload them. ;) Holy Moses! I was able to upload seven pictures in thirty minutes! That's a first, and included getting kicked off my connection three times. Wonders will never cease...
So, here's your latest avian tutorial...
These are two pine siskins battling over the thistle (nijer) seed.

A female black-chinned hummingbird approaching the feeder.

The Northern mockingbird is the Texas state bird and aptly holds this position. It can be seen in abundance throughout the state.

The lark sparrow has a distinctive cheek pattern and a breast spot that is not as distinctive.

A cliff swallow rested on the electical wire. Usually the wire is the resting spot for barn swallows which are nesting under the ranch house carport.

We do have wildlife other than birds on the refuge. :) Here's a swallow-tailed butterfly approaching the hummingbird feeder...

And taking some refreshment! How cool is that? What fun I had getting these shots. Life is good...
Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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