Borrego Springs, CA

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hummingbird Wars!!!

What entertainment I had early this evening at the hummingbird feeder! There were five or six (hard to count) black-chinned hummingbirds fighting over the two feeders. Their antics reminded me of WWII P-40 fighter pilots going at it. What acrobatics! Emma could hardly keep track of all the goings on. ;) They were buzzing all over for two hours. Of course, we were only able to watch this spectacle because the winds were finally reasonable.
The above picture was taken last summer at Dinosaur National Monument, but it gives you an idea of the feeding frenzies that can occur. I don't expect to have forty hummers at my feeder here, but tonight did bring back some fond memories.
I did the bird survey at Warbler Vista today and spring migration is definitely on the way. I found a nice group of black-throated green warblers on today's hike along with several golden-cheeked warblers on their territories. It was not as exciting as two weeks ago when the golden-cheeks were everywhere, but it was more typical for breeding season.
In the afternoon, I went to Marble Falls for my tax preparation and learned a lesson. I was certainly more pro-active in my tax filing last year. I had them done while I was visiting my daughter near Chicago and had AARP file them for me for free. I put things off this year, and the result was that I had to pay a sizable fee to have them submitted. What I owe Uncle Sam is less than last year, but that's because of the current economic situation. So, next year I shall endeavor to get organized earlier and again take advantage of the AARP filing.
Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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