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Monday, December 15, 2008


This is my third winter in Texas and until today I had not eaten at a What-A-Burger. This is a southern hamburger chain that, unlike McDonald's and Burger King, doesn't fix your burger until you order it. It is hot and not soggy and the fries rival McD's.

My friend, Diana, and I headed out this morning for Nueve Progresso, Mexico, to purchase some items we needed for upcoming events. I needed to purchase several bottles of vanilla for my sister, Pam. I will be meeting her and her husband for a week of camping in Austin, TX, at the end of January and she had requested some real vanilla from Mexico. Diana was purchasing some items for a Christmas basket with a Mexican theme.

There is an obvious difference from last year when visiting Progresso...armed Mexican army guards at the border crossing, including machine guns. Other than that, the town seems the same. It doesn't smell too good and I really feel the children should be in school and not begging at the crossing bridge. Another interesting point is that it costs a quarter for a pedestrian to enter Mexico, but thirty cents to return to the US.

After we finished our shopping, we returned to the car and headed home. That's when we stopped at What-A-Burger so I could really consider myself a winter Texan.

We did make another stop along the way and that was to compare some prices on new TVs. I am leaning toward getting a new flat screen TV that is digital before that deadline in February and while I have some support here to help me install it. I also stopped to fill up the car and was thrilled to only pay $13. It wasn't that long ago that I was paying well over $30 for the same amount of gas. The price was $1.49/gal.

By the time we got home around four, the temps had plummeted from the eighties and the wind was blowing wildly from the north. The forecast for tomorrow is for only highs around fifty and lows tonight in the upper thirties. I'm turning my little electric heaters on tonight!

Thanks for stopping by..........talk to you later, Judy

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