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Monday, December 22, 2008

Mail Call

Just before I set out on the road in 2006, I changed my residence to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and signed up with Alternative Resources for my mail delivery. They collect and send me my mail twice a month, and today was mail day for me. I was pretty surprised to receive two boxes. I'm afraid I couldn't wait for Thursday and opened them both this afternoon. The box from SD contained my normal mail and a few bonuses. A surprise gift of a sweatshirt from my sister, Pam, and some hand cream and lip balm from my friend Susan in Minnesota. The moisturizing cream and lip balm reminded me of the cold, dry conditions at this time of the year up North. She also remembered Emma, and included several rawhide chew strips for her. Emma dispatched one of them in under fifteen minutes. Emma will be your friend for life, Susan.

The sweatshirt from my sister has a big, beautiful, blue snowflake embroidered on the front. She didn't want me to forget what I was missing and believe me I can use the sweatshirt today! ;)

The second package contained pictures of my two grandsons which I posted on my cabinet door. They grow up so fast......can't wait to see them this summer. Also included was a bag of my favorite candy...sponge candy. Of course now it is called chocolate covered beehives, but it's really sponge candy. It is delicious! I was really surprised that you remembered this, Andy.

I had planned to drive to Mission, TX, today to stop at Camper's World to get some glide tape to fix my drapes and to pick their brains about installing a new LCD TV in my motorhome. The rain and cold temperatures changed my mind about going. I'll try again tomorrow. Instead, I just drove to Port Isabel to stock up on supplies that I'll need for Christmas Dinner. I'm providing the appetizers.

Because of the rain today, the waterfowl count tomorrow will be impossible. I'm going to bundle up on the couch tonight and just watch TV. I hope it warms up some in the morning.

The mail today made my day....thanks

Thanks for stopping by........talk to you later, Judy

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  1. Judy and Emma,
    It has been interesting and fun following your adventures. The pictures are phenomenal. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    Congrats on the grandbaby that's on the way.