Borrego Springs, CA

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bird Tour, Lulu, and the dumps

We had two folks for the bird tour this morning; a couple from Green Bay, Wisconsin. It's been very windy and chilly for the last two days, but today conditions started to get better. We spent four hours birding the Bay side drive and only had the heat on in the van for half of it. We probably saw about 50,000 ducks today, mostly pintails, coots, and redheads. I always enjoy hearing the sandhill cranes and I was not disappointed today. One of the highlights of the trip was seeing five ten point bucks along the trail. We got some really nice views of them since they were more interested in the does in the area than in us. The early starting hour of the tour means we are the first vehicle around the wildlife drive and get to see more than people arriving later. I spent the afternoon recuperating from a slight stomach ailment that arrived last night.

Just before Thanksgiving, the president pardoned at least one turkey from becoming a feast bird. On the Laguna Atascosa Refuge, we have a wild turkey that feels she has been pardoned and takes full advantage of her safety here.

This is "Lulu" and she can be seen daily at the visitor's center admiring herself in the reflection of the glass doors or trotting (doing the turkey trot???) around the RV pads. She is especially interesting to Emma.

One of the more mundane tasks I have to do weekly is the dumping of the grey and black water tanks. I usually schedule this on my calendar, but this week dump day came and went without my notice. So while I was doing the dishes this evening, Emma and I noticed an unusual odor filling the rig. Emma sniffed it out. The grey tank was obviously full and backing up in the shower. Yuck! We hot footed it outside and quickly emptied the tanks. Then it was back inside to clean the shower stall. These minor disasters are what keeps life interesting. ;)

Anyway, I had some difficulties with my internet signal last night so this is being posted on Sunday, even though it was written on Saturday.

Thanks for stopping by.....talk to you later...Judy


  1. Thank goodness it was the gray water tank. I had the black water tank do what happened to you.

  2. My most wonderful time with the black water tank came once when I was dumping and the hose broke loose from the connection. Of course I tried putting the hose back on instead of just pushing in the lever. What a fragrant experience that was!

  3. I LOVE reading your responses Mom. I wish I had the vocabulary that you do. And your spelling prowace :o)