Borrego Springs, CA

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Two showers for the price of one

Emma and I are pretty early risers and this morning was no exception. As I got ready to take her for her first outing of the day, I heard the familiar sound of popcorn popping. That's what rain sounds like on the roof of my motorhome. I slipped into my rain jacket and we made a pretty quick curcuit of her favorite watering places. On the way back, the light rain shower turned into a downpour just as we hopped back inside. Of course, this is not what the weatherman forecasted and if I had been able to sleep another hour, I would have missed the whole event. I'm just lucky that way.

I haven't posted a bird picture in several days, so this pelican is for you fellow bird nerds out there.

Later in the morning we had the second shower of the day, but this one didn't involve any moisture from the skies. All of the staff and volunteers participated in a baby shower for Iriz and Rey. Iriz is a law enforcement officer on the refuge and Rey is on the fire crew. We all had a good time and followed the shower with a delicious "winter" potluck. You can't call it a Christmas potluck anymore, don't you know.

Perhaps you noticed that I have a new picture for the blog of Emma and me. I asked Janie, another volunteer, to take it for me since it would really be a challenge to do it myself what with the unbounded energy of my four footed companion. ;)

As you can probably guess, it took quite a few tries before we got a suitable shot.

Tomorrow is another waterfowl count day if the roads are passable. Any amount of rain makes the back roads a slippery mess and there aren't any four wheel drive vehicles available for the counters. It was near eighty today with a stiff breeze blowing, so maybe that will be enough to dry them out. I hope so.

Thanks for stopping by..........talk to you later, Judy


  1. Neat blog. I enjoyed looking at it. Looks like fun to be volunteering in a beautiful setting. Here were have subzero temps and I am confined inside for the duration!

  2. troutbirder, Are you in Alaska? Or maybe only North Dakota? Subzero is why I left Minnesota!