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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Brookfield Zoo

Having grown up in Chicago, I’ve been to Brookfield Zoo many times, but I’m afraid I didn’t get a copy of the info we were given upon arriving.  So, I can’t give you any historical information about this huge zoo. 


I can tell you that it is a very popular place for Chicago area families to be on a nice sunny Saturday afternoon!  I can’t even estimate how many thousands of people visited there today.  I have mixed emotions about zoos.  I understand about the educational and conservation value of these facilities, but I have trouble getting past the idea that these animals are no longer free to live a natural life.  Having said that, we did have an enjoyable outing.

62 Pioneer Campground, IN summer, 20119First up, of course, was a visit to see the big giraffes for Avery.  Near by were the zebras, that she also enjoyed. 


This young one was born this month.  Hey ladies, how would you like to deliver a child with horns?  Ouch!  Like mother, like daughter…

IMG_2236Soon, it was time to stop for lunch on a shaded bench.  I know I was hungry, and both Robyn and I know it doesn’t pay to let little ones get too hungry.  Don’t want to have cranky travelers with us.  Smile  Avery hopped off of the bench when she finished eating, and a little chipmunk came out of the woods toward her like he was going to take a bite out of her shoe.  She propelled herself back onto the bench faster than I’ve ever seen her move!  Not all the wildlife is behind moats and bars. 

_MG_2255 _MG_2254

Then it was onward to view more animals.  You’ll find no elephants at this zoo right now.  I don’t know all the details, but apparently there were some protests about the elephants’ living conditions.  Due to that protest, they have been removed, and don’t even appear listed on the map of the zoo.


                                                                    “Don’t call me a pig!!” 


Face painting is a very serious experience.  Robyn and Dennis have a two year long pass to Brookfield Zoo, so each trip to the zoo doesn’t have to be an all day experience that wears everybody’s nerves to a frazzle.  After a little over two hours, we headed on the long trek back to the car.  That fact made today a very positive experience for all involved.  No one was pushed beyond their limits, and I’m sure we’ll all return to see the rest of what this zoo has to offer later this summer.


The rain has begun to pitter patter on the roof once again this evening.  I, for one, am getting a little tired of all this moisture.


                                                                             THE END!!


Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy


  1. Your "The End" pictures are too funny, especially the one today. I really enjoyed the pictures of all the animals. Your shots were great!

  2. great day at the zoo!!!..nice striped ending!

  3. Beautiful animals - I have mixed feelings, too. I guess as long as they are treated well and have enough room it IS nice to be able to see these animals up close. I've always liked visiting zoos.

  4. A great day at the Zoo! I'll be the 'grands' loved it.

  5. I am a giraffe person. I've always been fascinated by their long necks. But that baby girl with the horns is sure cute. Not quite as cute as those two sitting on the bench, though. That "end" was perfect.

  6. I don't like the way zoos "used" to be but nowadays with natural habitats replacing concrete and cages, I enjoy them more. I appreciate the educational and conservation aspects of a good zoo, the animals are treated well and they don't have to worry about predators eating them!! And after all, none of us are ever really free!

  7. Great post and photos. Almost makes me feel as if I had been to the zoo myself.

  8. Love the Rhino photo. Mud, grass and "look at me" enjoying it all.

  9. Count me in the mixed feelings crowd. Luckily zoos are changing and the cages are being replaced with more natural habitats. I think the biggest benefit zoos offer is to introduce and instill in youngsters a love of animals and teach them the importance of conservation of habitats around the world so that animals in the wild can survive.

    Great banner photo, by the way.

  10. Feel free to send that moisture down to West Texas :)

  11. Been so long since I have been to a Zoo I can't remember where or when it was. There are pros & cons to Zoos & I guess I, like you, are somewhere in the middle. Nice header photo of the Rhinosaucerous:))

  12. Loved "the end" photo! Spent a lot of time in Chicago as a child/teenager and visited that same zoo many times. At the zoo one time a group of nuns came toward us in full habits with the huge head dresses. My little sister says in a loud voice, "Mommy, are those witches??" The nuns clearly heard my sister and all smiled. Another one of those good memories when I saw the title of your blog today, "Brookfield Zoo."
    Now I'm of the same opinion as you and avoid zoos.

  13. Nice visit to the zoo Judy. I feel the same about zoo’s, while feeling sorry for the animals in captivity, I also know that zoo’s and wildlife parks help make the public aware of the plight of animals from around the world.

    I like the photo of what I believe to be a Warthog, makes me think of “The Lion King” movie. Hakuna Matata.


  14. Great photos today...as usual.

    I especially liked the header photo of the Rhino.

    The girls were cute with their faces all painted!

  15. I'm with you on the Zoos, but if run the correct way, they are a good education tool for the little ones. Love your pictures of the animals and the grands.

  16. I really love the zoo...Haven't been to one since I was little..Thanks for letting us tag along..Glad we didn't do the reptiles..That's where I run back to the car :-)

  17. The shine on the coat on the 'end' of that zebra
    is amazing!

  18. Great pictures, now I am sorry we skipped it when we were there.