Borrego Springs, CA

Thursday, June 30, 2011

All dressed up with no where to go…

Although you should understand that dressing up for me means wearing a top other than a tee shirt, and clean shorts.  Smile  Tentative plans for today were for me to accompany my daughter on a road trip for one of her Life Vest fittings.  We were to drive to Pontiac, IL, and back.  I figured maybe we could stop at a state park or something else interesting on our return trip.  Robyn received a call for a second fitting about an hour away from Pontiac, so that meant it would end up being a really boring ride for me with at least an hour and a half spent sitting in the car while she took care of business, and no chance to take any side trips.  So, I decided not to go.  I had even packed a lunch last night since Robyn is on a very specific diet that rules out stopping out to eat.  Bummer.


Instead, I packed up my lunch and my camera, and Emma and I headed out to visit the last state Fish and Wildlife Area within 50 miles. 

IMG_2314 IMG_2317

After checking in at headquarters, we drove to the Sandhill Crane observation tower.  Of course, the chances of seeing cranes was nil, but we took the trail anyway.  Obviously, staff doesn’t check on this handicapped accessible trail except in the spring and fall when the cranes are around.  There were three downed trees crossing the short trail.  Not being in a wheelchair, we made our way through the obstacles.

IMG_2321 IMG_2320

The view from the observation area was of a huge field area that the cranes use during migration to glean food and build up their fat supplies.  Two things I neglected to bring with me this trip were bug spray and my watch.  Needless to say, the mosquitoes about ate me alive!  I also gave the deer flies a good run for their money.  I’ve also always worn a watch, so that was a new experience for me.

IMG_2329 IMG_2330

This F & W Area is more than 8000 acres, and affords people with a gun range, archery range, hunting, fishing, and wildlife viewing opportunities.

_MG_2338 _MG_2337

There used to be a campground and a picnic area, but they have been closed down.  Lack of funds??  So, I headed back to the headquarters area for a rest room, and to eat my lunch in the car.  I was entertained by numerous red-headed woodpeckers in the area.

_MG_2361 _MG_2362

After lunch, we drove more of the roads, and on our way to the flooded gravel pits, found this fellow/gal in the middle of the road.  I got out and helped him/her get to the other side so he/she wouldn’t get squished.   Lots of female turtles meet their demise at this time of the year as they try to cross roads to get to prime areas for digging a nest and laying their eggs.  I forgot to look at the bottom side of the caraprice (sp) to see if this was a male or female.

_MG_2364 _MG_2349

Lots of wetlands to enjoy here.  It was a good change of plans today, and both Emma and I enjoyed ourselves.


Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy


  1. Interesting to see Jasper-Pulaski in the summertime! I saw my first sandhills there a couple years ago and instantly became hooked on them-- http://bit.ly/juZSew

  2. God love ya, Judy! You saved a life!

  3. What a great looking turtle you saved. I took off my watch when I retired and haven't put it on since. Not even sure why I still hang on to it. Mosquitoes sure seem to be a problem this year for several people. Me included.

  4. You did a good job rescuing the day, as well as the turtle!

  5. Sounds like a great outing except for the part about you being lunch for the local bloodsuckers:)

  6. I like the turtle. We use to see a lot of squished turtles when we would go to Missouri to visit John's dad. Glad you could help this one out.

  7. Good job saving the turtle.

  8. I guess you are busy 'scratching tonight?'..hope the bites aren't too bad!!

  9. I think that little fellow might have been a 'Painted Turtle.' Always a good feeling inside when one is able to help one of Nature's critters.

  10. Nice looking Fish and Wildlife area, very pretty. Even without the Sandhill Cranes, looks like you found plenty to keep you entertained.


  11. Making "life" out of a foiled Lifevest fitting!! I'm pretty sure that was a female turtle..Your close up was so good, I think I detected a touch of mascara on her lashes...:-)

  12. Wouldn't a gun range spook the wildlife?

    I have plenty of bug stuff on hand, but get so mad at myself when I forget to put it on.

  13. Sure looked like a great hike except for the bugs... GREAT photos!
    Have fun

  14. If I am not being too personal, what is wrong with your daughter? I am sure you have shared it with us before, but I must have missed it or have forgotten. I try to move the little turtles out of the roadway too. Oh, and what is a life vest? Stay safe

  15. Flexibility makes life interesting. Good for you for making the most of the day when the plans changed. Personally, I think the wildlife refuge would be a lot more fun anyway!