Borrego Springs, CA

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A mixed bag of tricks

Holy cow, did we ever have batch of thunderstorms roll through overnight!  It didn’t make for a very good night’s sleep, but I did sleep in until 7:00 this morning.  I’ve also noticed that this rig doesn’t rock and roll as much as my old one.  That’s a good thing.  :)

I’d like to welcome Susan to the list of folks who read my blog.  Normally, I personally thank them on their respective blog sites, but Susan doesn’t appear to have one.  So, I hope you find my posts interesting.  :)

After the rain stopped, blue skies prevailed, so Emma and I spent the morning outside.  I decided to finally tackle a chore that I’ve been putting off for way too long.  In my old rig, I had one of those thirty gallon tote bins that I used as a sort of end table.  It was a catch all for all sorts of things.  I really don’t have a place for it in this rig, and it’s been sitting at the foot of my bed for the last five weeks, which really hinders my making the bed each morning.  It’s hard to get around.  So today I went through it’s contents and eliminated about twenty pounds of unneeded stuff.  I really whittled it down, and was able to store the remaining few items in it and put it in one of the basement compartments.  It’s amazing how good I felt about finally getting something done that I’ve been procrastinating about.  Sometimes, you just have to make yourself do something.  :)

The wifi connection in the park was out today which really interfered with my morning blog reading.  :)  I think it was because the park office was getting a new roof, but who knows.  I was able to catch up online this afternoon.  Along about 4:00, I decided that Emma and I should take a late afternoon ride in Yellowstone, thinking that maybe there wouldn’t be so many people so late in the day.  Ha!  That sure wasn’t the case. 
IMG_2000I was hoping to see a variety of wildlife in the late afternoon.  Thwarted again!  There wasn’t much around, and most of it was quite a distance away.  These cow elk were on the other side of the Madison River…
IMG_2009 as well as this family of Canada geese.
IMG_2015This was the best I could do for today.  I sure would like to photograph a bear, or a wolf, or a moose, but I’m thinking I won’t get much of a chance to do that now that the very busy season at the park has arrived.  :(  And you won’t find me getting out of the car to climb up a hill to see a bear.  I’m just a bit smarter than that.  :)

The 4th of July is almost upon us, and I think I’ll sit tight in the campground for weekend.  The roads may not be very safe.  While I was in Yellowstone this evening, there were two emergencies.  One was a single car accident.  What a mess that car was!  I think the other one was even more serious.  There were all sorts of emergency vehicles along the side of the road, and a stretcher waiting for someone to be brought out of the woods.  Ugh!  I hope someone didn’t have a horrible encounter with a grizzly.

I think I’ll be okay to take a side trip away from Yellowstone tomorrow, but after that I’ll be a homebody for a few days.  I’m told I will be able to see the fireworks at the rodeo on Saturday night right from my rig.  I love fireworks, so I’m looking forward to that!

Thanks for stopping by….talk to you later,  Judy


  1. Ah heck! You could attract a nice bear if you took a hike with a string of bacon around your neck. :)

    The elk were nice to see, though. Glad your new rig held up well in the heavy storm.

  2. Great photos again, Judy. As an amateur photographer, I'm always curious about what type of camera others use. I'd really like to know what you have as your pictures are extremely sharp and clear. Myself, I'm just a point and shoot guy now with a Canon Powershot G10.

  3. Good idea on sitting tight for the weekend, holidays bring out all the amatuers and drinkers, who really just want to camp to get drunk and party. We are sitting it out too and the trailer will stay on it's pad till we leave for vacation on the 17th unless I decide on a night at the lake if Adam visits next week. Rigg's is getting antsy also, he loves being outside and now that the temps have come down into the 80"s he is spending more time running the yard and sniffing. Have fun, be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  4. Great pictures! I have been reading several blogs on Yellowstone Park and they all comment on the traffic. We are planning on hitting the park in late July/early August-sounds like I better be prepared for traffic issues.

  5. I just love the picture at the top of the blog.

    I sit and stare and dream looking at it.

    Have a safe 4th of July.

  6. We never go far on a holiday weekend. I went to the store this morning and bought enough stuff to last for several days. Craig took the day off to watch soccer and I told him we had no excuses to leave the house this weekend!

  7. It always feels good to get those much needed projects completed. I have a few of those myself! This is probably a great weekend to just hunker down! Your pics are already terrific and I'm sure you will find more good shots along the way.

    Have a happy fourth and take care!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  8. sure I do!!!..whats a future fulltimer without a blog??..just an internet creeper!!