Borrego Springs, CA

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

I showed my independence today by staying off of the roads and doing laundry instead.  :)
_MG_2154 _MG_2156 _MG_2157
Red Rock RV Park and Campground had their own holiday parade this afternoon.
_MG_2158 _MG_2160 _MG_2161
If you like four wheelers, this is the place to be.  There are plenty of back roads and paths to investigate.
_MG_2162 _MG_2163 _MG_2166
The left two pictures are Gordon and Karen, the park owners.  And last but not least, was Newt, the park webmaster, on his segway.

It’s been a pretty calm day, all in all.
IMG_2153About the only real excitement has been watching Emma stand guard duty.  She feels it’s her job to make sure no ground squirrels enter our campsite boundaries.  These little rodents keep the foxes and coyotes well fed in the neighborhood.  :)

Last night there was a fireworks display at the ranch with the rodeo about a mile from here.
IMG_2142 IMG_2143
I’m thinking that you can guess that I haven’t gotten to the section in the camera instruction booklet that talks about night pictures.   :)

Thanks for stopping by….talk to you later,  Judy


  1. Well, I thought those night time fireworks abstracts were were very well done, colorful & creative....so there:))

  2. Love those night pics of the fireworks....extremely well done! What a neat parade the campground had for the 4th! I bet you can have some fun on a 4wheeler in that area.

    Take care!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  3. Great shots ! ! ! Try a tripod next time. I keep forgetting.

  4. Yeah, those night pics were totally cool, Judy. Cute parade in your campground. Happy 4th to you, too.

  5. I like them too. How was Emma with the fireworks noise? Riggg's just barked a couple times in the begining and then went on to ignore them, my son has had him out with him when he was shooting so maybe he is noise aclimated, most Lab's don't mind gunfire. Looks like you did what we did for the holiday, after working in the morning clearing the tree, we just loafed and had some pork steaks ,Butter&Parsley potatoes and country baked beans for supper.Then went to bed early, Both of us were wipped from the tree job. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  6. It's always fun when a campground holds a parade and everyone looked like they were enjoying it. Great pictures of the fireworks.

  7. We stayed off the roads, too, except for Dave getting out on the bike in the morning. Hey, I thought the fireworks pics were actually pretty cool! Like you, I did laundry, come cleaning, almost falling asleep into a book and we had company in the afternoon. We are still commuting from Georgetown to Cedar Park...long, long days....yawn... Counting today, 2.5 more to go and then we're AWAY! Hugs to you and Emma!

  8. Love the parade!

    The fireworks shots remind me of what my photography student son would call light painting shots! I like them!

    Our grandbabies enjoyed the 4th food; the 4th fireworks not so much!