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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Bear Tooth Scenic Byway

We were out the door a little before 8:00 this morning to tackle another scenic drive.  The only obstacle was getting through Yellowstone NP first.  It was a drive of about 100 miles to get to Cooke, WY, where the Bear Tooth begins.  It is supposed to be one of America’s most scenic highways, and turned out to be well worth the trip.
IMG_2800The scenery was outstanding.
IMG_2802It was a good highway (where there wasn’t construction), and it wove up and up and up!
IMG_2807 IMG_2810 IMG_2821
Eventually, I reached the summit at 10,947’.   The view from the top was breathtaking, and so was the wind!  :)  (you can click to enlarge)

Much of the highway is in Wyoming, but after reaching the summit, you continue continue over the top and down into Montana.  I turned around shortly after driving into Montana, as the return trip would take another five hours.
IMG_2832 IMG_2834
The views are always a little different going the opposite direction on the same road.  :)
_MG_2790 _MG_2793
Along the way, a mother fox, vixen, crossed the road with her two kits.  These two shots are not very good, but I had to take them through the bug spattered windshield.  Kit on the left, and mom on the right.
ABut I think this was my best shot of the day.   How alert and full of mischief this little one looks!  It really makes my day when I can capture something like this to remember.

With two trips through Yellowstone today, you know I had to take a picture of a bison.  I only had one chance at a decent shot, so here it is….
IMG_2843                                                                 THE END!  (once again)

Thanks for stopping by….talk to you later,  Judy


  1. You were fortunate to get those pics of the Foxes because they are usually very elusive creatures. Sure wished I was out there in the outdoors traveling in your world instead of sitting here at home for the summer:((

  2. Love the shots of Pilot Peak (the real sharp pointed mountain in one of your photos) and the shots of the foxes! And by the way, Cooke City is in Montana, not Wyoming.

  3. The love the "the end" shot, made me laugh, Thanks.

  4. Great pictures again - sharp and great colour. Nice shot of the foxes - they are hard to get!

  5. Several years ago (before full-timing) Mike and I and our son drove the Bear Tooth Highway! We still remember the beauty of that trip. When we got to the top most point there was a hard snow storm and when we drove to the bottom the sun was shinning. Awesome trip!
    Love your pics! The foxes are incredible...the face on the little one really says it all. Cute!

    Take care & have fun!!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  6. So glad you finally got to head out over that
    pass!! Bummer tho that you had to turn around and didn't get to the bakery in Red Lodge... but I do know about the length of the drive! Those lakes up top used to have pink ice in them (algae) but it's gone in recent years ~ global warming I suspect?

    More awesome photo's and love your ever present sense of humor! We are trying to get loaded up to be out of here of Sun/Mon finally towards northern WI, MN and MI until the end of Sept. Our heat indexes have been running around 105-110+ so you can imagine how ready we are to hit the road north!!

  7. I'm beginning to understand how people can stay in one place for a month or more. So many good drives. So many wonderful views. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I loved the fox. What a great shot. Hope you get the step fixed, it's a long way down.

  9. Love the pic of the fox! The others were great too! The Beartooth is one of my all time favorite highways! JoAnn

  10. Very nice post and pics! I also love the pic of the fox, but I have to say, my favorite was of the bison butt :)


  11. Love the pictures of the Mama & baby fox and of course of "the end". We traveled the road through Yellowstone but turned around at Cooke after we had lunch so did not experience "The Bear Tooth" maybe next time.