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Monday, July 26, 2010

The Call of the Wild

I awoke with the enthusiasm of Marlin Perkins this morning, and was ready to tackle Yellowstone’s Wild Kingdom!  :)  Of course, there was no film crew from Mutual of Omaha, but I pressed on without them.
_MG_3117  _MG_3124
First up was the female elk herd along the Madison River.  I don’t know why all these females don’t have young.  I guess it’s hard to find a good man.  :)  You can see that the elk on the right has a radio collar on her neck.  They are fairly easy to see along the river in the early morning.

After getting through the construction on the way to Norris Junction, I headed for Canyon.  Along the way, there was another bear jam.  Usually that means a bear is way up in the woods somewhere, and you probably need a spotting scope to see it.
_MG_3137But today was different.  A grizzly bear was feeding not very far from the roadway.  Of course, people were foolishly scurrying about getting closer and closer to the bear to snap a picture.  I was able to get this shot without ever leaving my car.  I just don’t understand why people will endanger themselves and their children by dragging them within feet of a wild animal.  How could you be so stupid?  And why do they have to harass the wildlife?  Ugh!
_MG_3131On a different, and less aggravating, note I’d like to ask you more experienced users of Picasa3 out there if you think it’s possible to eliminate this blue post in the photo.  I tried, but didn’t have any luck.  I’d appreciate your input.

After I turned right at the Canyon Junction, I decided to turn off on the South Rim loop, which I hadn’t done when my sister was here.  It lead to the overlook for the Lower Falls of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.
IMG_3145 IMG_3149
I took this same shot of the Lower Falls in 1970 when I was a sweet young thing and tenting across the West.  :)  I remember putting my polarized sunglasses over the lens of my point and shoot camera at that time.  It really had a dramatic effect on that long ago photo.  The myriad of colors in the rocks of this canyon is astounding.

I continued on through the Hayden valley to once again enjoy the massive bison herds.
IMG_3163I’m thinking this guy could use a little time at the hairdresser’s.  :)  He’s sure packing a bunch of debris.
IMG_3179Notice those horns already growing on these little ones.  I’ve read that bison don’t see very well, but with those big noses, they must have exceptional olfactory skills.

I’d have to say that today was a great trip into the ‘Wild Kingdom’.  This place just takes my breath away.  :)

Thanks for stopping by….talk to you later,  Judy


  1. Judy...once again you have presented us with excellent pictures of your drive through the most amazing place on earth (well one of them anyway). You really hit the jackpot today with the wild kingdom!!

    Take care!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. Easiest way to eliminate that blue post on the right is to use your 'Crop' tool & just take a thin slice off the right side of your photo. Second option it to use your 'Retouch' tool & remove it with a small series of retouches. Great animal photos again today & I agree with on that 'stupid people' thing!!

  3. Your pictures are great, just the other night Donna & I saw on TV a Buffaloe charge and injure to people in Yellowstone, it was caught on a video camera. Why would you want to endanger yourself like that is beyond stupidity,Plus like you said it makes the animals less fearful of humans and then they become a greater risk, sometimes to the point of having to be eliminated. Keep up the great pictures, Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

  4. Judy, great photos--we live near Yellowstone Park 8 months out of the year and it still takes my breath away every time we go there.

  5. Wonderful shots.... and to add to Sam and Donnas post about the charging buffalo, they also showed that a large white stick about 2 foot long was thrown AT the buffalo right after they showed the foolish person trotting over to it saying "Bison Bison!" and then they are on national TV crying and showing their bruises from being attacked? duh!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  6. Elk calves are a staple of the bear and wolf's diet so that may explain some of the absence, to bad it is not socially acceptable to feed some of the "stupider" tourists to the bears and wolves as a substitute. Although I have taken a lot of great wildlife photo's over the year I don't think I have ever put an animal or myself at risk to get them.

  7. We sure wish we were with you. Looks like you had a great tour.

    Stay Safe

  8. Mutual of Omaha should hire you to photograph the Wild Kingdom for them! I think these are some of your best.

  9. great photos today Judy!..love the close up of the bison..looks like she could do with a 'maintenance day'!!! and as for the stupid people..have they heard of a camera with a zoom lense!!

  10. Hi Judy, great wildlife pics today!! I managed to get the post out of your bear picture. If you'd like to see it, just send me your email address and I'll mail you a copy, o.k.

    p.s. my blog tomorrow is going to be about the Picasa Retouch tool.


  11. Those little horns are kinda cute! They make the calf look like a little devil!

    I enjoy see thru your eyes. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Judy!!! Your wildlife pics look so sharp they have to be fake! :) :) I love the ones that look like calves. I'm glad you caught a picture of a bear! Talk about being at the right place at the right time! Too bad you didn't get a picture of an idiot charging closer to the bear to get a better picture while the bear swallowed him in one bite! Kidding!