Borrego Springs, CA

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hitch itch planning

I mentioned a day or so ago that I was feeling the first pangs of hitch itch.  That usually gets me into the planning stages of my next route, and today was no exception.  I guesstimated  that it's about 600 miles to Malheur NWR in Oregon, and I will have about three weeks to get there.  If you always have numbers going around in your head like I do, then you've figured out that it's an average of about 30 miles of travel a day.

Of course, since I have an appointment in Idaho Falls on August 9 to take my rig in for some issues, that will knock off at least 100 miles the first day.  I don't know how long those repairs are going to take, assuming they have any needed parts.  So, I'm kind of in a quandary.  :(  What to do??

After looking over my book of maps, and surfing the internet, I've decided that I definitely want to spend a few days visiting the Craters of the Moon National Monument.  It's not too far from Idaho Falls, so I thought I'd make some tentative reservations at a campground in Arco, ID.  It's only 18 miles from the Monument, and 66 miles from Idaho Falls.  I've just sent them an email since I can't call them, so we'll see what happens.  If I should have to wait for parts, I'd rather do it where I can be out and about seeing things rather than just waiting at the dealership.  I'm hoping this repair facility works at a faster pace than Universal RV and Marine in Rochester, MN!  I'll let you know.

It was another beautiful, but buggy, day in the neighborhood today.  Other than my rather lengthy planning session, I really didn't do much else today besides taking Emma on several long walks.  I've decided to try setting the alarm again for tomorrow morning (ugh) and venture out early into Yellowstone.  When I drove the motorhome through the park on June 6 from Cody, we didn't stop to see any of the sights along the way from the East entrance because we were on a mission to get to Red Rock.  My plans are to take that route to the East entrance tomorrow and take my time.  We'll see if I pay attention to the alarm or not.  :)

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later,  Judy


  1. Good day of planning! Once the foundation is laid, the rest falls into place, and that is what you did! Good luck on your retrace of the east entrance to Yellowstone trip.
    Take care and be safe!
    Mike & Gerri

  2. I love planning a new trip too. I think the planning actually helps to make sure we follow through on it.

  3. We love to do the planning. Sometimes we stick with our plan and sometimes we scrap it and make a new plan. All part of the adventure! Hope you enjoy Yellowstone, Judy.

  4. Planning the journey is half the fun.

    I'm eager to read your account of Yellowstone tomorrow, so wake up with that alarm!

  5. Have always loved the planning stage. Maps & Atlas's scattered about looking for routes & roads less traveled. Checking the Mountain Directory for steep grades, etc. Mapquest & Google Earth for distances & actual terrain. The planning stage is exciting because it means the brain is actually ready for, & planning for.....change:)) Planning a trip is the next best thing to doing a trip.

  6. We enjoyed Craters of the Moon back in the 80's when the boys were little! I sure hope you can get in the rv park in Arco so that you can see it!

    Isn't it amazing how planning a trip can take hours of research?!

    Enjoy the east entrance! We've yet to see it! :)

  7. Hope you can get the RV tuneup out of the way and then relax and enjoy Crators of the Moon Park, sounds really neat to us and definitely worth spending a few days looking at the sights. Be safe out there. Sam &Donna, PS Hi Emma, this is Rigg's, I'm swimming and having a ball on vacation. See ya.