Borrego Springs, CA

Monday, December 14, 2009

A super muggy chore day

The fog the last few mornings has almost been thick enough to cut with a knife. This morning was no exception, and the heavy fog turned to rain in the afternoon. It was a good day for inside chores. I cleaned the rig from stem to stern, did the laundry, and exercised the generator. Once the rain stopped, it quickly heated and steamed up outside so that I was able to use the air conditioner to make sure the generator had a full load. That sure helped dry out the inside of the rig. With such high humidity lately, everything felt soggy.

About the only interesting thing that happened today was that three coyotes passed right through the RV pads this morning. That sure got Emma's blood pumping. I think almost all of her hairs were standing up straight at attention! ;)

The warmer, wet temperatures have also brought out the mosquitoes full force. I am careful not to be outside at sunset. That's when they just cover the screens trying to get in. They calm down about an hour after the sun sets.

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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  1. No coyotes here (that I've seen) but we sure have deer all over the place. I swear by Avon Skin-So-Soft Bug Guard for mosquitos.