Borrego Springs, CA

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Back to working the VIS

It got down to 37* last night, and that's what the temperature was inside the VIS when I arrived this morning. There is one little electric space heater, but it took until the middle of the afternoon to heat up the area so I could take my gloves off. Granted, I get cold easily, but just sitting inside there on a cement floor makes a slow day very long. I had a total of eleven visitors, but did do $165 in sales. I guess the sales make it worthwhile for the Friends group, but it's rather boring for the person working.

I had at least hoped to try to get another chance to get a picture of the vermilion flycatcher, but I didn't even see him until it was time to close. I was afraid that he had been blown away during the severe winds on Thursday. It's raining a little again this evening (what else is new?), but hopefully it will be sunny tomorrow.

I will be arriving at the VIS by 6:30 tomorrow morning to participate in the Christmas Bird Count. At this time of the year, tens of thousands of birders participate in Christmas Bird Counts across the USA, Canada, and Mexico. The statistics from these counts have been accumulated for at least 50 years. The count areas are designated circles with a fifteen mile diameter. All birds seen or heard in these circles are counted during a 24 hour period.

Back when I lived in Newark Valley, NY, I participated in about 15 years of these counts. I'd get the kids up before dawn, and off we'd go to our designated section of the circle around Owego, NY. They'd moan and groan about this, but I hope it gave them some appreciation for the avian inhabitants of our planet. I'm hoping Christmas counting in Texas will be more pleasant weather wise than it was in upstate NY. ;)

Here's to a good "Tweet" tomorrow.....

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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